Artsafe™ 200

Artsafe™ 200

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Buffered, acid-free mounting tissue for fine art and archival use.

991mm x 25m (39" x 82') ARS39082 Please login for pricing
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Artsafe™ 200 is a buffered, acid-free, non-yellowing and safe adhesive for mounting your most treasured giclée prints, posters, photos, fine art prints and clippings. Developed in conjunction with the British Library, Artsafe™ 200 is approved for use in restoration and archive work at the British Library, the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the Dutch National Archives. Simulated age testing has shown it to last 200 years without degrading. Artsafe™ 200 has a very low standard activation temperature (160 degrees Farenheit (70-75 degrees C) for for extra safety on fragile items and will activate with a temperature as low as 140 degrees Farenheit (60 degrees C) if required. Artsafe™ 200 can be reversed by careful use of Industrial Methylated Spirit (denatured alcohol).

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Artsafe™ 200

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Technical Specification

Activation Temperature:  (160 degrees Farenheit (70-75 degrees C).  As low as 140 degrees Farenheit (60 degrees C) for fragile materials.

Reversal: Can be reversed using Industrial Methylated Spirit (denatured alcohol)

Durability:  Simulated aging tests show this product can age up to 200 years without significant degradation.

Application Fine Art Prints, Picture Framing/Photography, Plaque Mounting