Drytac® White Polyester Media 7 mil

Drytac® White Polyester Media 7 mil

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7 mil white, durable inkjet media

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Product Description

Drytac’s White Polyester film is an extremely durable, smooth inkjet print media that is compatible with most aqueous inkjet printers. This film does offer the durability and flatness of a polyester substrate (at a lower cost). Ideal for mid to high-volume display graphics that don’t require 100% opacity, but will benefit from the durability and flatness of a polyester substrate.

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Technical Specification

Finishing Recommendations: Protac™ Emerytex® or MediaShield™ Emerytex®

Finish: Matte, inkjet-receptive

Base Film: 7 mil (175 micron) polyester, overall thickness

% of Light Transmission: Less than 2.00%

CIE of Whiteness: (c.92)

Printer Compatibility: Aqueous inkjet, most OEM water-based dye and pigment formulations