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Self-Trimming Mounting Adhesive

622mm x 27m (24.5" x 90') FL2509 Please call for pricing
826mm x 27m (32.5" x 90') FL2514 Please call for pricing
1029mm x 27m (40.5" x 90') FL2518 Please call for pricing
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Flobond™ is a 2.0 mil (50 micron) carrier-free, “unsupported,” heat-activated, pH-neutral mounting adhesive with an activation temperature range between 175°F–200°F (79°C–93°C). Waste is significantly reduced as Flobond can be pieced together, overlapped or patched. Removal is possible by reapplying heat.

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Flobond will bond prints, posters, photographs, fabric, parchment, foils, etc., to a variety of substrates including mat boards, foam boards, particle boards and most metals.

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Technical Specification

Carrier: None
Adhesive Bond: Permanent/removable
Adhesive Base: Thermoplastic
Release Liner: None
Initial Tack: None
Processing Temperature: 175°F–200°F (79°C–93°C)
Dwell Time: 60-90 seconds

Application Picture Framing/Photography