Clear Underlay Film 0.5 mil

Clear Underlay Film 0.5 mil

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0.5 mil film wound on a 3" (76mm) core

965mm x 152m (38" x 500') CUF38500 Please call for pricing
1092mm x 152m (43" x 500') CUF43500 Please call for pricing
1295mm x 152m (51" x 500') CUF51500 Please call for pricing
1397mm x 152m (55" x 500') CUF55500 Please call for pricing
1549mm x 152m (61" x 500') CUF61500 Please call for pricing
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Drytac's Clear Underlay Film, a 0.5 mil film wound on a 3" (76mm) core, is an inexpensive (one-time use) backer for single-sided lamination on roller laminators. It eliminates some of the problems found with using Kraft paper because of the thinness of the product. Wrinkles do not transfer to the print, and it does not create dust. It may also be used for general wrapping and packaging.

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Application Picture Framing/Photography