MHL™ Gloss UV 10 mil

MHL™ Gloss UV 10 mil

Quick Overview

High-clarity, low temperature, UV resistant overlaminating film

635mm x 76m (25" x 250') 10 mil MGD25210 Please call for pricing
965mm x 76m (38" x 250') 10 mil MGD38210 Please call for pricing
1092mm x 76m (43" x 250') 10 mil MGD43210 Please call for pricing
1295mm x 76m (51" x 250') 10 mil MGD51210 Please call for pricing
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Product Description

Superior clarity and lower activation temperatures are two unique features of this polyester laminating film. Specifically engineered with UV inhibitors to reduce image fading. The adhesive is formulated to activate as low as 185°–195°F (85°–91°C). MHL™ Gloss UV is the ideal laminating film for the encapsulation of electrostatic, xerographic and inkjet-bond output. While many operators prefer using a 3 mil MHL™ Gloss UV on the top and a 5 or 10 mil film on the bottom for added rigidity, any combination of thicknesses will provide bright, punchy colors and optimum clarity.

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Technical Specification

Finish: High Gloss
Base Film: 7 mil (175 micron) polyester
Adhesive: 3 mil (75 micron) co-extruded polyethylene copolymer
Release Liner: None
Initial Tack: None
Application Temperature: 185°–195°F (85°–91°C)
Application Speed: 1–5 ft (0.3–1.5m) per minute