MHL™ Lustre UV 5 mil

MHL™ Lustre UV 5 mil

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Low glare, low temperature, UV resistant overlaminating film

635mm x 76m (25" x 250') MLD25205 Please call for pricing
965mm x 76m (38" x 250') MLD38205 Please call for pricing
1092mm x 76m (43" x 250') MLD43205 Please call for pricing
1295mm x 76m (51" x 250') MLD51205 Please call for pricing
1549mm x 76m (61" x 250') MLD61205 Please call for pricing
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Product Description

MHL™ Lustre UV is a laminating film with a luster finish that reduces undesired glare and reflection. Specifically engineered with UV inhibitors to reduce image fading. The adhesive is formulated to activate as low as 185°–195°F (85°–91°C). 

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: This film is recommended for images that will be viewed under direct lighting conditions. Low sheen with minimal loss of contrast or sharpness makes MHL™ Lustre UV particularly desirable. Its many uses include POP displays, courtroom presentations, etc.