MHL™ Black Backing 10 mil

MHL™ Black Backing 10 mil

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Low-Temp, Semi-Translucent Black Polyester Backing Film

965mm x 76m (38" x 250') MB38210 Please call for pricing
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Product Description

MHL™ Black Backing is a low temp thermal, polyester laminating film engineered to prevent “show through” while adding rigidity to your prints. The processing method for MHL™ Black Backing is the same as for standard thermal laminating films of similar thickness.

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: For trade show graphics, MHL™ Black Backing increases rigidity and eliminate "show through" of exhibit support poles, seams and other background components.

Tip: Instead of trimming the laminate flush with your print, leave a border of MHL™ Black Backing around the perimeter of the image to give the illusion of a framed or matted print.

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Technical Specification

Finish: Opaque Black
Base Film: 4.0 mil (100 micron) black polyester
Adhesive: 6.0 mil (150 micron) coextruded polyethylene copolymer
Release Liner: None
Initial Tack: None
Application Temperature: 200°F–230°F (93°C–110°C)
Application Speed: 1'–6' (0.3m–1.75m) per minute
Light Transmission: 0%