MHL™ Matte 3 mil Low Temperature

MHL™ Matte 3 mil Low Temperature

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Matte finish low-temperature overlaminating film

965mm x 152m (38" x 500') MM38503 Please call for pricing
1092mm x 152m (43" x 500') MM43503 Please call for pricing
1295mm x 152m (51" x 500') MM51503 Please call for pricing
1549mm x 152m (61" x 500') MM61503 Please call for pricing
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MHL™ Matte eliminates reflection and glare while hiding minor imperfections in the output. The adhesive is formulated to activate at temperatures as low as 185°-195°F (85°-91°C).

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Typical applications are xerographic, offset, or inkjetbond output for viewing where there is little control over lighting conditions: POP displays, ceiling graphics, trade show signs, etc.

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MHL™ Matte 3 mil Low Temperature

Additional Information

Technical Specification

Finish: Matte
Base Film: 0.7 mil (18 micron) polyester
Adhesive: 2.5 mil (62 micron)  co-extruded polyethylene copolymer
Initial Tack: None
Application Speed: 1'–10' (0.3m–3.0m) per minute
Application Temperature: 185°F–195°F (85°C–91°C)
Release Liner: None