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White Dry Mounting Tissue Reduces Show Through

622mm x 91m (24.5" x 300') VM24300 Please call for pricing
1029mm x 91m (40.5" x 300') VM40300 Please call for pricing
1232mm x 46m (48.5" x 150') VM48150 Please call for pricing
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Product Description

Vistamount™ is an economical general purpose 4.0 mil (100 micron) dry mounting tissue that is white in color. The buffered paper carrier is coated with a strong, pHneutral, heat-activated adhesive that will activate at temperatures as low as 170°F (77°C).

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: The white color of Vistamount makes this adhesive the dry mounting tissue of choice when mounting thin output to dark substrates. “Show through” is significantly reduced when mounting to black GatorFoam®.

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Technical Specification

Carrier: Paper/white
Adhesive Bond: Permanent/removable
Adhesive Base: Thermoplastic
Release Liner: None
Initial Tack: None
Processing Temperature: 170°F–195°F (77°C–91°C)
Dwell Time: 30-90 seconds

Application Picture Framing/Photography