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Increase Visibility with Drytac® Backlit Film


Drytac has expanded its line of specialty print media to include Backlit Film, a 7 mil front print matte polyester. This high quality, distortion-free PET film is ideal for illuminating graphics and effectively displaying messages in commercial or educational settings.

Backlit Film effectively transmits light, dispersing it evenly and consistently across an image. It has a brilliant white point that yields excellent print quality on UV and latex printers. Its white point also allows the film to be read by automatic cutters. Due to both its rigidity and anti-slip, anti-static treatment, graphics can be more easily inserted into light boxes.

“Our new, durable film prints very nicely with UV and latex inks,” states Drytac Product Manager, Nate Goodman. “The primary benefit, of course, is richer color density and more vivid graphics for your display."

Backlit Film enhances images used in graphic displays at airports, museums, department stores, or malls. It is also outdoor durable for applications at bus or train stations.

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Drytac is an international manufacturer of adhesive-coated products, including graphic films, window films, double-sided tapes, self-adhesive print media, label stock, industrial adhesives, and heat-activated and pressure-sensitive laminates and mounting adhesives. Drytac can also create unique customized adhesive products to customer specifications. For more information, please visit or

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