The Company

Richard Kelley

Founded in Ottawa over 31 years ago, Drytac has now evolved into one of the world's most highly regarded distributors and manufacturers of products for graphic finishing. The company continue to supply sign-makers, exhibition display professionals, photographers, picture framers and many others, with their wide range of top quality products at competitive prices, as well as delivering customer service unmatched in the industry.  To see just how valued we are, click here to look at our impressive customer testimonials.

Our Heritage:

From humble beginnings in a former barn, our founder and owner Richard Kelley has seen Drytac expand from its Canadian origins to establish itself as a top 5 supplier to the industry, with offices located across the globe, including the UK, Canada and America (with 4 regional distribution hubs located in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Richmond).  Take a look below for some of key events in Drytac's history.

Key Dates:

1976 - Drytac was incorporated and business began from a small office and warehouse located in a suburb of Toronto.
1998 - Drytac Europe was established and became Drytac's first manufacturing location.
2001 - Drytac acquires Interlam USA
2003 - Launch of Drytac Direct
2004 - Drytac acquire Hot Press from Tulliss Russell
2005 - ISO9001 Quality Certificate awarded to Drytac Europe Ltd
2008 - Drytac Corporation Acquires Advanced Finishing Solutions and install hotmelt coating line
2009 - Drytac acquires Liquid Coating Division of AMTI

As you can see over the past 30 years or so,  Drytac has evolved into a truly international company, serving the graphics finishing market all over the world. Our export sales now sell to over 22 markets worldwide, from New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Russia to name just a few.

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