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Quick Overview

Easy to install, printable window film

1041mm x 50m (41" x 164') VPT41164
1372mm x 50m (54" x 164') VPT54164
Product Name Code Net A
Net B

Product Description

ViziPrint® is a printable, clear, 75µ (3 mil) polyester film with a unique removable and repositionable adhesive that can be easily applied to glass, acrylic* and other non-porous surfaces without using a soapy concoction. Installing a graphic made with ViziPrint® is as easy as positioning the graphic, removing the release liner, and smoothing out the graphic to remove the air. A specially designed, embossed release liner imparts micro grooves in the adhesive allowing for easy air evacuation using just a felt burnishing pad or a squeegee.

Watch the ViziPrint® video to learn more. 

Additional Information

Technical Specification


Print Compatibility: UV

Carrier:  75µ (3 mil) clear polyester (PET)

Release Paper:  150µ (6 mil) paper with textured emboss

Adhesive:  Removable elastic aqueous acrylic, pH neutral

Application temperature:  15 °C–27 °C (59 °F–80 °F)

Storage Conditions:  16 °C–28 °C (60 °F–84 °F), 40%–75% relative humidity in original packaging

Shelf Life:  Use within 12 months of manufacture date

Outdoor Durability:  N/A, indoor use only

Notes*: Excessive condensation can lead to product failure. Outgassing of some acrylics can affect product performance.


Application Indoor Signage, Retail Sign Programs, Window Graphics