Drytac announces global availability of SpotOn White M50

Drytac has improved its window graphic media range even further with SpotOn® White M50, offering 50% more opacity than standard SpotOn White products for vibrant, eye-catching displays.

The light-blocking properties of SpotOn White M50 make this matte media ideal for window applications in retail, medical or office environments – as well as for wall graphics, trade show displays, indoor signage or retail promotions where show-through would otherwise affect the design.

In particular, this 100μ (4 mil) monomeric PVC film is perfect for short-term applications thanks to Drytac’s innovative adhesive technology: a unique dot pattern adhesive that is virtually undetectable but enables incredibly easy and bubble-free installation, reliability while in place, and clean removal within twelve months.

Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager for Drytac, comments: “SpotOn White M50 is the perfect choice for retailers who want vibrantly coloured window graphics that can be changed quickly, easily and frequently, thanks to the combination of 50% greater opacity and Drytac’s unique adhesive.

“The fact that this product is also suitable for wall graphics, internal signage and more also makes SpotOn White M50 a great all-rounder for a range of customers who can install it with minimal effort.”

Drytac SpotOn White M50 is an ink-receptive printable vinyl with compatibility with UV, latex, solvent and eco-solvent printing technologies. It is available in roll widths of up to 1,370mm (54″) and offers interior durability of up to three years and outdoor of up to six months.

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The Diablo is in the detail: Drytac ReTac appears at The Mirage in Las Vegas

A new restaurant at The Mirage hotel and casino complex in Las Vegas is to open soon, featuring dramatic wall murals printed on Drytac ReTac Textures.

Opened in 1989, the 3,044-room Mirage is a staple of the Las Vegas Strip, featured in dozens of movies including 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven. Its latest attraction is Diablo’s Cantina restaurant, newly open, which is decorated in vibrant wall murals with a Mexican-inspired fiery skeleton design.

Las Vegas grand format print and installation company Screaming Images printed and fitted the murals, drawing on 18 years’ experience working on projects from the worlds of sport, retail and entertainment. It counts MGM, the Raiders, NFL, NBA, Kawasaki and Shoe Palace amongst its customers.

To achieve the depth and visual appeal required for the incredible Diablo’s wall coverings, Screaming Images chose Drytac ReTac Textures in Canvas, a matte white phthalate-free polymeric PVC film with an embossed textured finish. In addition to Canvas, ReTac Textures is available in Sand, Linen and Woodgrain, all offering a textured finish that gives an extra visual and touchable element to high-quality artwork.

ReTac Textures polymeric self-adhesive vinyl features an ultra-removable adhesive backing that can be easily and repeatedly removed and repositioned with no damage to the surface underneath. With up to five years’ durability in indoor environments, ReTac Textures is also an ideal choice for long-term graphics projects – such as at The Mirage.

James Swanson, Principal and Owner, Screaming Images, says Diablo’s was a ‘super cool’ project to work on.

“We chose ReTac Textures because of its compatibility with a long-term display in a high-end restaurant,” he comments.

“We love the Drytac ReTac Textures product and Drytac’s service.”

ReTac Textures is available in a thickness of 150μ (6 mil) and roll widths of up to 1,370mm (54″). It is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex printing technologies and can also be used for exterior graphics projects.

To learn more about Screaming Images, please visit https://www.screamingimages.net/

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Wall graphics: Fail to prepare or prepare to fail!

Authored By Dave Newbery, Regional Sales Manager at Drytac

It’s no surprise that over the past decade wall graphics have become more and more relevant. The explosion of higher quality and more affordable large format printers has enabled graphics companies to offer their customers more than just their standard signs, vehicle graphics and posters. Offices, schools, gyms and hospitals, to name but a few, are all benefiting from using formerly blank wall space to convey a mission statement or promotional message – or simply to brighten things up.

However, wall graphics can all too often go wrong, and sometimes very badly. This is due to the minefield that is different types of paint (particularly interior paints) and their compatibility with wall graphics products. Factors such as the incorrect face film and incorrect adhesive (including the wrong coat weight of adhesive) can have a disastrous effect.

A common cause of failure is lack of a proper site survey. This should include peel testing the products that will potentially be used, checking the paint in situ, finding out if there are any air conditioning units or heaters in the vicinity and what the local ambient atmosphere is, and, if possible, discovering what is under the paint and how long ago the paint was actually applied. There’s lots of detective work to do!

Printers and sign makers can easily fall into the trap of thinking any wall graphics media will work with any wall – only to then get a call the next day from their client complaining that their wall graphics have overnight become floor graphics. Explaining to the customer that they would like to visit the site to check the walls and do some testing in advance of producing the graphics can eliminate a world of pain – and embarrassment. The end user won’t always grant this request but most will understand that a day’s disruption is better than several extra days on site to correct any faults later. A survey will make everyone’s life far simpler in the long run.

Washable or wipeable paints that have become very popular over the past few years never make for an easy install when it comes to adhesive. Put simply, if a paint wants to chemically repel dirt, ink and fingerprints it will want to do the same to adhesive. If not prepped correctly, the highest strength adhesives can still fail when applied to these types of paints. Even if the bond is a ‘pass’ but the face film isn’t stable enough, a ‘pass’ can quickly become a ‘fail’ as the film is effectively pulling on the adhesive. And it is often the case where wall graphics need to be fitted when the wall was only painted a matter of days (sometimes hours!) ago.

Paint needs to have been applied a bare minimum of 72 hours in advance (ideally a lot longer) to give any adhesive a fighting chance of working. And if the printer has input into the type of paint to be used, a basic emulsion paint is a far better choice as this has no washable properties to it. However, if a washable or wipeable paint has been used, there are some fixes. Ideally, this type of paint needs sanding to remove the ‘washable’ surface. Sanding generates a whole new problem of dust – and lots of it – but this is the preferred work-around for this type of paint. If this is not possible, a good quality sealer or primer to lock in the washable properties of the paint is a viable alternative. All finishes also need to be clean; a seemingly obvious fact that can be overlooked.

Here at Drytac we have several products which offer excellent performance when these guidelines are followed. Drytac Polar Grip is an 80 micron polymeric PVC film coated with a high coat weight/high strength adhesive. The polymeric film with its lack of phthalates makes for a very stable face. This coupled with its 44gsm high peel/high sheer adhesive makes this an excellent solution for permanent wall graphics. Polar Grip is available in both matte and gloss white finishes and is even suitable for application to brickwork for exterior use.

The extensive range of Drytac ReTac products add a new dimension to wall graphics. Not only are there various finishes and thicknesses but the unique ReTac adhesive allows for wall graphics to easily be changed around if the image starts to look dated or is no longer suitable. There is even a glossy wipeable version, so dry-wipe boards can be moved around a building with the end user safe in the knowledge that there will be no adhesive residue left and no damage caused. The world of wall graphics can be a minefield. Fail to prepare or prepare to fail – or, do your homework and get great results.

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Drytac ReTac shines brighter with gloss finish

Drytac has increased its ReTac range with a new gloss finish on ReTac Smooth 75 and ReTac Smooth 150, giving users a high-shine alternative to the established Matte product.

ReTac Smooth 150 Gloss (150μ/6 mil thick) and ReTac Smooth 75 Gloss (75μ/3 mil) are printable phthalate-free polymeric PVC films that are coated on one side with Drytac’s innovative ReTac ultra-removable adhesive. The composition of this adhesive allows exceptionally easy installation and repositioning on smooth flat surfaces, with clean, residue-free removal after use.

This makes ReTac Smooth ideal for interior wall graphic applications such as murals and interior décor, decals and stickers, and point-of-sale displays. It is recommended for curved, textured or angled surfaces where conformability is a priority, with the new Gloss finish giving an extra eye-catching dimension to these graphics.

Drytac – a leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large format print and signage markets – has ensured that ReTac Smooth films have achieved several fire ratings, meaning they are suitable for installation in public areas that require compliance with strict fire regulations. This includes airports, hotels and hospitals.

“ReTac Smooth is a great product for a range of both interior and exterior display graphics applications, thanks to its dimensional stability, fire safety certification and ease of installation,” comments Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager for Drytac. “The addition of a gloss finish to the range gives our customers even more choice when creating incredible wall graphics, murals, decals and more.”

Both ReTac Smooth 150 and ReTac Smooth 75 are certified for HP Latex inks and are also compatible with UV, solvent and eco-solvent printing technologies. They are available in roll widths of up to 1,370mm (54″) and offer interior and exterior durability of up to five years.

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Cartoon Network Hotel comes to life with The Powerpuff Girls, Finn and Jake – and Drytac

The much-anticipated Cartoon Network Hotel has recently opened, decorated with colorful floor-to-ceiling graphics printed on Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 media. Animation fans can now eat, sleep, play and swim surrounded by their favorite characters from Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, Johnny Bravo and more in the hotel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Local signage business Graphik Masters worked with Cartoon Network and amusement park brand Dutch Wonderland to produce colorful, accurate and durable graphics for walls and windows, both indoors and out. In total, the project spans 155 standard hotel rooms and four master suites, plus retail, dining and lobby areas.

To create the graphics, Graphik Masters chose Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 on the recommendation of Carew Alley, Owner of supplier Digital Color Ink. A 6 mil (150μ) white polymeric printable PVC film, ReTac Smooth 150 features Drytac’s innovative ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology that maintains its adhesive strength over time. This allows graphics to be repositioned and removed without damaging or leaving residue on the surface underneath.

“From among the samples Digital Color Ink provided, both Graphik Masters and our clients Cartoon Network and Dutch Wonderland agreed that ReTac 150 Smooth would be best for ease of installation along with its smooth, matte appearance,” says Craig Swartz, Co-Owner of family business Graphik Masters. “In addition, the media is phthalate-free and ultra-removable which we hold as commendable characteristics of the media.

“The Drytac product prints very well and provides a high-quality presentation of graphics when installed.”

The graphics were fitted by Cassel, also based in Pennsylvania, following an on-site installation demonstration by a Drytac representative – which Craig Swartz describes as ‘going the extra mile’.

He continues: “The wall graphics, printed as panels, needed to be seamed. We are pleased with the low visibility of seams where the panels overlap. We have heard many positive comments from Cartoon Network and Dutch Wonderland regarding the high-quality presentation and feel of the ReTac graphics.”

The Cartoon Network Hotel recently opened early January 2020 with attractions including the Bearista Café hosted by Ice Bear from We Bare Bears, a Ben 10 Omnicade and an outdoor movie screen on the face of Finn from Adventure Time.


For further information on Digital Color Ink, the supplier of the Drytac media for this project,

please visit  www.digitalcolorink.com.


For further information on Graphik Masters, the local signage/print company,

please visit www.graphikmasters.com.


For further information on Cassel, the installation company of the wall graphics,

please visit www.casselteam.com.


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Globe Park Print Store has a Perfect Moment with Drytac – for one night only

Globe Park Print Store completed a multi-application project for skiwear brand Perfect Moment using Drytac media, in place for just one day.

Perfect Moment contacted United Kingdom-based print business Globe Park Print Store to print and install the hundreds of graphics required for a festive pop-up shop showcasing its winter sportswear ahead of Christmas. The turnaround was short but the list of applications was long, as Globe Park Print Store explained.

Globe Park Print Store said: “For one night only! When a client asks you to do a print and install project, for one night and you need to install and place 475 printed graphics, in 3 hours, what do you say? We like a challenge, yes!

“This was such a great (if brief!) project to work on. We used Drytac media to print the graphics on for Perfect Moment. We think this is pretty special – especially for getting into the festive spirit!”

Globe Park Print Store used a number of products from Drytac – a leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large format print and signage markets – supplied by CSL Digital.

In total, the project comprised of sixty star-shaped wall graphics on Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 Gloss, sixty star-shaped graphicson ReTac Textures Sand, sixty table stickers on ReTac Smooth 150 Matte, a 12m panoramic wall graphic printed on ReTac Smooth 150 Gloss, ten 4m rink graphics and four 2m wall graphics printed on ReTac Smooth 150 Gloss, seven backlit displays on Revel Backlit, several large hanging signs printed on Polar Grip Matte and several window graphics printed on ViziPrint Impress Clear.

All of the above solutions are designed with Drytac’s innovative adhesive technology. The Drytac ReTac range has been developed specifically for easy application, removal and repositioning, making it the perfect choice for very short-term projects like exhibitions, retail campaigns and the Perfect Moment pop-up.

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Branded Wraps makes an entrance at ‘mecca for the sports enthusiast’ with Drytac media

Fans heading to a winter sports complex are set to receive a warm welcome thanks to a new ceiling mural, printed and installed by Branded Wraps using Drytac® products.

Sean Jeffreys, Owner and President of Branded Wraps, has been in the graphics sector since he was a 16-year-old in 1990. He recalls that the first car he ever wrapped was a brand new 1996 Ford F-150, giving him the initial experience required to set up his business – now a specialist in vehicle wraps and lettering. In addition, Branded Wraps has expanded its service portfolio to include interior murals, wallpaper and window graphics.

Based in Ancaster, ON, Branded Wraps has completed several projects for the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex in the nearby city of Oakville, an arena which hosts major hockey tournaments, ice skating competitions, sledge hockey contests and a variety of other events throughout the year. Recently, this has included printing and installing graphics in its main arena entrance.

“It is a mecca for the sports enthusiast and deserved an entrance that showed it,” says Sean. “We had already wrapped some of the exterior windows for the arena itself and for one of their tenants, Skate Oakville, who also have the walls surrounding their customer service desk wrapped. Our clients have seen the results from having their interior walls wrapped – how it draws attention to their business even in a busy arena like this one – and they continue to call Branded Wraps to have this work cared for.

“Sixteen Mile Sports Complex wanted a durable indoor product which would bring the entrance to a whole new level. We immediately thought of Drytac as we love their interior wallpaper products but we were looking for a more permanent adhesive. Our supplier recommended Drytac Polar Premium with matte laminate and it was a done deal.”

To create the ceiling graphic, Branded Wraps combined Drytac Polar Premium, an 80μ (3.2 mil) polymeric PVC film with a high-quality, solvent acrylic adhesive, with Drytac Interlam Pro overlaminate film with matte finish. Pairing these two products enables easy installation with excellent durability against UV light, weather and temperature changes.

Sean Jeffreys comments: “Installing a large ceiling mural is not something you want to be doing every day, especially with an overly aggressive adhesive or super-soft or floppy vinyl! The Drytac combination we used worked amazingly well. It was a challenging project but a definite success. Our client emailed us to say, ‘Thanks Sean, it looks great!'”

Sean claims that Branded Wraps is Drytac’s ‘number one fan’, having used Drytac Polar for exterior installs in cold temperatures, Drytac Polar Grip for low-energy plastics on vehicle and Ski-Doo wraps, and Drytac ReTac Textures with linen finish for interior walls.

“My wife loves ReTac Textures too since I can wallpaper the rooms in the house for her now!” he says.

Sean adds: “We love that Drytac truly specialises in the adhesive side of the product. The right adhesive makes all the difference when it comes to longevity or ease of removal. We also really love the quality of print; we use an HP 560 Latex printer and the quality of the final print is amazing. Drytac provides awesome print profiles as well, and the service is second to none.”

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