JM18 & JM34 Electric JetMounter and ML25 Manual Table-Top Laminators

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JM18 & JM34

These JetMounter models are motorised table-top laminators operated by a foot switch, leaving both hands free to handle the work being processed. Designed for mounting and laminating inkjet output, the JM34 is equally capable of handling photographic or any printed media. All models include a supply shaft and photo cell safety protection. Features include a 1 in (25mm) nip opening, speed control up to 18ft (5.5m) per minute, and a media guide to keep images on the roller when mounting.


This table-top manual laminator is an inexpensive option for small photo studios or copy shops that want to quickly mount or laminate small pieces. Simple, durable construction makes this model easy to use. It also folds up for easy storage and transport. New features include a 1” (25mm) nip opening and a media guide that allows prints to be supported during processing.


*These are only available in the North American market*

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  • JetMounter JM18
  • JM18 – 18.25” (667mm) electric laminator
  • JetMounter JM34
  • JM34 – 34” (864mm) electric laminator
  • ML25
  • ML25 – 25.5″ Manual Table-Top Laminator
  • *These are only available in the North American market*


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