Paint perfection with Drytac ProTect Spray Booth Liner

Drytac customer used ProTect Spray Booth Liner to provide a client with an easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove liner for its own paint products.

An innovative and forward-thinking Drytac customer recently used Drytac’s ProTect Spray Booth Liner to provide a client with an inventive and flexible liner solution to support its paint line.

The client had been seeking an easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove liner for its paint walls to make its range of paint products even simpler to use for customers. Drytac, the leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large-format print and signage markets, recommended its ProTect Spray Booth Liner as a potential solution.

The ProTect Liner adds a protective layer to paint booth walls to collect and shield against harmful contaminants. This self-wound film build consists of a white, biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) carrier that has Drytac’s Polar Grip adhesive on one side to catch contaminants and a removable solvent acrylic adhesive on the other that adheres to spray booth walls.

However, an additional challenge emerged when the end user communicated that the BOPP film carrier was not flexible enough to apply around corners and bends, causing issues with the final finish.

Drytac reached out to one of its film suppliers to source a white low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film that would offer greater flexibility for the end user’s application. Within just two weeks, Drytac and its film partner were able to produce a sample material, which was soon approved by the client for use in the project.

The BOPP film carrier was deemed suitable for more flat surfaces and the LDPE film carrier for more complex wall contours.Such was the success of the specially developed solutions that the Drytac customer was able to offer two types of spray booth liners to other clients, depending on the contours of their paint booths.

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