Creative Silhouettes wraps ten stores in seven days with multi-surface Drytac Polar Grip

Creative print company Creative Silhouettes has completed an attention-grabbing project for Hobo, printing and installing graphics in ten new stores in just seven days. To ensure consistent results across a range of environments, Drytac Polar Grip was used across the whole campaign.

Established in Vaughan, ON seven years ago, Creative Silhouettes specialises in wall graphics and decals. Seventy per cent of its business is large self-adhesive vinyl for offices and retail stores, 80 per cent of which is also installed by the team. Apple, Ubisoft, TMX and Oxford Properties are among its big-name clients.

In April 2020, Creative Silhouettes completed a major project for Hobo Cannabis Company, which was opening ten new stores in the Greater Toronto Area as part of a 30-branch expansion across Canada. As each retail space was different, Creative Silhouettes needed a vinyl product that could meet every demand.

Giovani Pereira, Project Manager and Business Development at Creative Silhouettes, comments on the project: “Our deal with Hobo was to wrap ten entire stores regardless of the surface of the walls – and every one had different surfaces, such as brick, stucco, painted wood and rusted metal.

ND Graphics are our primary supplier of vinyl and equipment so we went to our contact Dwayne Burton for advice. He recommended Drytac Polar Grip and we undertook several print and install tests on all rough surfaces, including floor, and they all worked well.”

Creative Silhouettes printed the black-and-white wall graphics with photographic details on its HP Latex R1000.

“Using Drytac Polar Grip we took care of all Hobo’s stores across Toronto, printing and installing graphics in ten stores in seven days.”

Drytac Polar Grip is an 80 micron (3.2mm) white polymeric self-adhesive PVC vinyl designed for interior and exterior wall graphics, offering durability of up to five years. Its high-bond adhesive is compatible with a wide range of surfaces including metal, plastic, wood, glass and brick and has been rated for fire safety to meet the requirements of public spaces. It performs brilliantly with latex, UV, solvent and eco-solvent printing technologies and is available in White Matte and Gloss finishes.

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ArtSoft weathers temperature challenges to collect award with Drytac Polar Premium

ArtSoft Expo Solutions has completed an eye-catching project for the Grocery Innovations Canada conference in challenging weather conditions, thanks to Drytac Polar Premium printable vinyl. 

Founded over 20 years ago, ArtSoft provides complete trade show display solutions to customers across North America, offering services from project management all the way through design, manufacturing, logistics, on-site installation and dismantling to storage.

For three consecutive years ArtSoft has worked with the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers on its Grocery Innovations Canada event. Most recently, this project included a building wrap design inspired by virtual reality – an application recognized by Big Picture magazine’s Best of Wide Format Awards.

On such a large-scale design, it was essential for ArtSoft’s in-house designer to carefully cross-check elements to enable application with minimal issues, for the production team to ensure the final product’s print consistency to make it appear as if one seamless piece of work, and for the installation team to apply the design quickly and without problems.

Every step of the process depended on using the right printable media. Joe Chan, President, ArtSoft Expo Solutions, comments: “We tested over ten different types of adhesive vinyl to find the best to install onto glass and aluminium trim. At the end we picked Drytac Polar Premium as when we were installing the wrap in October we faced a big challenge of temperature changes: in the morning it could be 10ºC (50ºF) and at noon it might get up to 30ºC (86ºF).

“With Polar Premium, our installers managed to work very well during the installation process. Furthermore, there is no residue left on the glass or aluminium frame surfaces after removal.”

Drytac developed its Polar range specifically to deliver exceptional quality performance in extreme temperature ranges. Compatible with all standard digital printing technologies, Polar Premium is an ideal choice for stunning graphics on flat surfaces such as external walls and windows.

ArtSoft sourced Polar Premium from ND Graphics, who also supplies Drytac FloorTac for floor graphics – currently used by ArtSoft for social distancing floor stickers.

“I enjoy working with Drytac products and services,” Joe adds. “Before the start of the Grocery Innovations Canada project I was shown several types of Drytac materials and received all the samples that I needed for testing. Thanks to ND Graphics and Drytac this was a very successful project.”

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Warwick Printing builds excitement for new store with striking Drytac graphics

Warwick Printing has installed a huge storefront wall graphic using Drytac ReTac, building excitement for a new beauty store.

Founded in 1995 as an offset press commercial printer, Warwick Printing has increasingly moved into digital printing and adopted wide format technologies in the last two years. This has helped the Lethbridge, AB business to increase its client base and to offer new services to its existing customers.

In March 2020 Warwick Printing undertook a substantial wall graphics project to promote a new Sephora store in Park Place Mall in Lethbridge. Sephora sells cosmetics and beauty products from over 2,600 stores in 34 countries around the world, attracting loyal customers and a significant following online.

Lee Weighill, Owner of Warwick Printing, says that it ‘seems many people are excited about this store judging by the comments heard during the install’.

He explains that his team worked with a USA-based design firm on the hoarding, which measured 54′ wide by 12′ high (16.5m x 3.7m).

“We did a site survey, sent the updated specs to their design team, and had the files back printed and installed within four to five days. The actual install took about six hours,” says Lee.

“We chose Drytac ReTac because we have used it previously and know the properties of it, what to expect when printing and installing. Because the panels were very wide (52″) and were over 12 feet tall we wanted a fairly thick, stable vinyl and also one that would be easy to remove in a couple of months.”

Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 is a polymeric printable PVC film coated with ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology. This enables easy installation, repositioning and removal of indoor wall graphics, even on curved, textured or angled surfaces. ReTac Smooth 150 has several fire ratings, making it suitable for public areas that require compliance with strict fire regulations such as malls and retail stores. This 150 micron (6 mil) product is available in matte and gloss finishes and is compatible with latex, UV, solvent and eco-solvent printing technologies for stunning wall graphics.

“We use Drytac products whenever possible because they perform excellently for us, both printing and installing,” says Lee. “We use on a regular basis ReTac Smooth and Textures in the Canvas finish, SpotOn, Printable Eclipse for banners, Polar polymeric films and Polar Premium, Interlam Pro textured laminate and have recently done a few projects with Polar Chrome Silver Satin which is really cool stuff. We love all the Drytac products we have used so far, all are excellent.”

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AutoTrim & Signs’s Drytac window graphics promise warm treats in cold weather

AutoTrim & Signs of Niagara has created a window display using Drytac SpotOn media, an ideal product for quick and simple installation.

Founded in 1989 near the famous Niagara Falls in Ontario – AutoTrim & Signs designs, produces and installs a wide variety of graphics such as trade show displays, wall and floor graphics, vehicle wraps, raised-letter signs, interior displays and window signage. Its clients range from independent businesses to large corporate customers, including hotels, city authorities, retailers, tourist attractions, colleges and individual homeowners.

This winter AutoTrim & Signs completed a window display project for chocolate brand Hershey’s for the Falls Avenue Holiday Market, an event featuring pop-up stores, live entertainment, seasonal food and drinks, and a walk-through gingerbread house. The window graphics advertised s’mores, the popular cold-weather treat made from marshmallow, chocolate and cookies.

For the graphics AutoTrim & Signs used Drytac SpotOn, a 100µ (4 mil) high-quality, ink receptive printable vinyl featuring Drytac’s innovative ‘dot pattern’ adhesive that enables easy bubble-free application and repositioning on window panes and other smooth interior surfaces. It is available in matte and gloss finishes and offers durability of up to three years indoors and six months outside, with clean, residue-free removal at the end of its use.

Rick Knapp, President of AutoTrim & Signs, comments: “For the Hershey’s application we chose Drytac SpotOn because of its ease of application, the short time we had to install it in colder weather and the fact that it will remove cleanly when we want it to. It also has a lighter adhesive making it stand out in the evening when it is darker outside but the lights are on inside.”

For other projects in low temperatures, Drytac has created the Polar range. Comprising PVC films and vinyl, there is an ideal product for any signage, exhibition display or window graphic application destined for cold environments – even decals for motorcycle helmets.

Rick Knapp adds that AutoTrim & Signs uses several Drytac products for this type of low-temperature work, such as ice rink boards, hoarding wraps at construction sites, wall graphics and decals.

Please visit to learn more about AutoTrim & Signs Niagara.

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Grant Graphics celebrates building’s history with Drytac newspaper graphics

Grant Graphics has completed a wall graphics project for a new cafe and craft brewery using Drytac ReTac Smooth 150, in an appropriately newspaper-themed design.

In late 2019, Walt & Whitman Brewing took over an historical building in Saratoga Springs, NY that formerly housed the offices for the Saratogian newspaper. The new brewery and coffee house – inspired by American poet Walt Whitman – wanted to recognise this history so called on Grant Graphics to create an eye-catching mural.

With over 30 years’ experience Grant Graphics is a leading distributor for large-format inkjet printers, ink and media – including Drytac products – in the north-east US region, as well as a producer of graphics work. For the Saratogian pink-sheet newspaper project for Walt & Whitman, the team printed onto Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 with a Mimaki CJV300 solvent printer/cutter.

Garrison Grant, Digital Marketing Manager at Grant Graphics, explains, “We wanted a matte vinyl that was easy to apply and handle. ReTac Smooth 150 is our best vinyl for wall applications – it has the ability to be stretched, removed and repositioned well without leaving residue on the surface. It prints and takes in ink at a very high quality and the ink lays very nicely. In total, the Walt & Whitman project was roughly a day of file set-up, a day of printing and a day of install.”

ReTac Smooth 150 (6 mil/150μ) and ReTac Smooth 75 (3 mil/75μ) are white polymeric printable PVC films compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV ink chemistries and offering up to five years’ durability. The key to the products’ simple installation, repositioning and removal is Drytac’s ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology, developed with decades of expertise in this subject. ReTac Smooth 150 and 75 have achieved several fire ratings, making them ideal for use in public areas that require compliance with strict fire regulations – such as coffee shops and bars.

Garrison Grant says Grant Graphics is a ‘relatively new’ user of Drytac products, but has already picked some favorites from the range.

“We use Drytac ViziPrint Impress Clear for window applications because it is optically clear for negative spaces and leaves no residue on windows for easy removal,” he says. “We’ve used it for the Grant Graphics front window – it looks great and the colours really pop.

Drytac ReTac Textures with Sand finish gives a rich appeal to wall applications along with stickers. We also supply Drytac SpotOn products to many university, school and museum customers, for floor and window applications.”

Garrison adds: “Drytac’s customer service, along with our representative, are always available with quick response times to any questions we have.”

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MK Dons kick off new year with ‘amazing’ new Drytac graphics

The box office at Stadium MK – the home of MK Dons football club – is now almost unrecognisable with eye-catching wall graphics printed on Drytac® ReTac Textures media, after the decision was made to bring printing in-house.

Comprising a 30,500 all-seater stadium, an on-site 304-room hotel and events spaces for conferences, meetings and parties, the Milton Keynes stadium caters for more than just football fans. When a project to add graphics to doors in the hotel was more expensive than expected, the Stadium MK team looked at options for investing in its own printing equipment and producing its own graphics for the complex.

Sue Stead, at Hotel MK, describes herself as a ‘print geek’ so was excited by the prospect of researching print options and operating the new systems once they were installed. Together with two directors, Sue decided to invest in a Roland TrueVIS VG2-640 printer/cutter and an Easymount laminator.

“The print room was set up in September and by October we had started to print wall graphics for our box office,” Sue explains. “We’d received some samples of Drytac ReTac Textures and chose the Linen finish for the wall graphics.”

Drytac ReTac Textures is a 150μ (6 mil) printable, matte white phthalate-free polymeric PVC film with a choice of embossed finishes – Linen, Sand, Canvas and Woodgrain – which add depth and visual appeal to static, flat images as well as a touchable quality. The product includes the ReTac ultra-removable adhesive backing which enables easy application, multiple repositioning, and clean removal.

In the case of the MK Dons box office project, the ReTac Textures wall graphics were installed by a professional decorator who specialises in wallpaper – and was unfamiliar with the Drytac self-adhesive product – but Sue Stead expects to handle application in-house from now on owing to its ease of use.

“I love the whole ReTac range and ReTac Textures Linen is absolutely wonderful,” she says. “It’s easier to put up than other products we have used and looks great.

“The new wall murals have made such a difference to the space. Seeing them go from a design on paper, by our in-house designer Dave Corley, to the walls is amazing. We are blown away by the potential – we’ve been putting pictures on everything!”

The next projects for Sue and Dave were to add graphics to the directors’ boardroom featuring the logos of MK Dons and sponsor Suzuki, and FestiveL, a New York City-themed Christmas event. Drytac ReTac Textures is ideal for a variety of applications including interior décor, retail displays, trade show graphics and labels as well as custom wall murals, which gives Stadium MK potential to expand its service offering: the team intends to start selling graphics, printed in-house, to conferences and events held at the complex.

ReTac Textures is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex printing technologies and is available in widths up to 1,370mm (54″). It offers exterior and interior durability of up to five years.

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Drytac SpotOn used on Emmerdale bus at Leeds Pride

The Leeds Pride parade featured an open-top double-decker bus wrapped for the occasion by the team behind Emmerdale‘s on-screen graphics – using Drytac® easily removable graphics materials.

The Scenic Design Department within the Yorkshire-based soap, part of ITV Studios, installed a new Roland TrueVIS VG2 printer/cutter in summer 2019. The device was bought from Sabur Inks, who also supplied a quantity of Drytac SpotOn for use with the new system. This 4 mil (100µ) high-quality, ink receptive printable vinyl is enhanced with Drytac’s innovative ‘dot pattern’ adhesive that enables simple, bubble-free application and, crucially, easy and clean removal.

These features are ideally suited to the work done by the Emmerdale in-house graphics team, who work with both the Art Director and Production Director to design and produce all printed work that is seen on-screen – including sets, retail signage, advertising posters, vehicle graphics, menus and paperwork handled by the actors, and beer pumps in The Woolpack pub. This work has to be of high quality – it will be seen by millions of viewers – but completed quickly, and is typically very short term.

Ian Sykes, Graphic Artist at ITV Studios, explains that he visited Sign and Digital UK in April 2019 to see samples of suitable products.

“Our graphics may only be in place for a day – a week at most – and are often applied over existing signage or vehicle graphics that must remain intact after ours are removed,” he explains. “We went to Sign UK in search of a low-tac and removable product, and several people recommended Drytac SpotOn. When we bought the new Roland printer it was an opportunity to try it out.”

The ITV team’s first project using SpotOn was not an on-screen display but the Emmerdale-sponsored Pride bus, which took to the streets of Leeds on August 4th 2019 in temperatures up to 28ºC. As this was a sightseeing bus hired for the event, its existing graphics had to remain undamaged after the temporary graphics – the LGBT+ rainbow flag with the Emmerdale and ITV logos – were removed afterwards.

“We used 3m x 1,300mm sheets of Drytac SpotOn to cover virtually the entire bus with graphics,” says Ian Sykes.

“The best thing was the SpotOn product left the existing graphics underneath intact.”

To learn more about Sabur Inks, visit

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The Diablo is in the detail: Drytac ReTac appears at The Mirage in Las Vegas

A new restaurant at The Mirage hotel and casino complex in Las Vegas is to open soon, featuring dramatic wall murals printed on Drytac ReTac Textures.

Opened in 1989, the 3,044-room Mirage is a staple of the Las Vegas Strip, featured in dozens of movies including 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven. Its latest attraction is Diablo’s Cantina restaurant, newly open, which is decorated in vibrant wall murals with a Mexican-inspired fiery skeleton design.

Las Vegas grand format print and installation company Screaming Images printed and fitted the murals, drawing on 18 years’ experience working on projects from the worlds of sport, retail and entertainment. It counts MGM, the Raiders, NFL, NBA, Kawasaki and Shoe Palace amongst its customers.

To achieve the depth and visual appeal required for the incredible Diablo’s wall coverings, Screaming Images chose Drytac ReTac Textures in Canvas, a matte white phthalate-free polymeric PVC film with an embossed textured finish. In addition to Canvas, ReTac Textures is available in Sand, Linen and Woodgrain, all offering a textured finish that gives an extra visual and touchable element to high-quality artwork.

ReTac Textures polymeric self-adhesive vinyl features an ultra-removable adhesive backing that can be easily and repeatedly removed and repositioned with no damage to the surface underneath. With up to five years’ durability in indoor environments, ReTac Textures is also an ideal choice for long-term graphics projects – such as at The Mirage.

James Swanson, Principal and Owner, Screaming Images, says Diablo’s was a ‘super cool’ project to work on.

“We chose ReTac Textures because of its compatibility with a long-term display in a high-end restaurant,” he comments.

“We love the Drytac ReTac Textures product and Drytac’s service.”

ReTac Textures is available in a thickness of 150μ (6 mil) and roll widths of up to 1,370mm (54″). It is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex printing technologies and can also be used for exterior graphics projects.

To learn more about Screaming Images, please visit

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Cartoon Network Hotel comes to life with The Powerpuff Girls, Finn and Jake – and Drytac

The much-anticipated Cartoon Network Hotel has recently opened, decorated with colorful floor-to-ceiling graphics printed on Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 media. Animation fans can now eat, sleep, play and swim surrounded by their favorite characters from Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, Johnny Bravo and more in the hotel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Local signage business Graphik Masters worked with Cartoon Network and amusement park brand Dutch Wonderland to produce colorful, accurate and durable graphics for walls and windows, both indoors and out. In total, the project spans 155 standard hotel rooms and four master suites, plus retail, dining and lobby areas.

To create the graphics, Graphik Masters chose Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 on the recommendation of Carew Alley, Owner of supplier Digital Color Ink. A 6 mil (150μ) white polymeric printable PVC film, ReTac Smooth 150 features Drytac’s innovative ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology that maintains its adhesive strength over time. This allows graphics to be repositioned and removed without damaging or leaving residue on the surface underneath.

“From among the samples Digital Color Ink provided, both Graphik Masters and our clients Cartoon Network and Dutch Wonderland agreed that ReTac 150 Smooth would be best for ease of installation along with its smooth, matte appearance,” says Craig Swartz, Co-Owner of family business Graphik Masters. “In addition, the media is phthalate-free and ultra-removable which we hold as commendable characteristics of the media.

“The Drytac product prints very well and provides a high-quality presentation of graphics when installed.”

The graphics were fitted by Cassel, also based in Pennsylvania, following an on-site installation demonstration by a Drytac representative – which Craig Swartz describes as ‘going the extra mile’.

He continues: “The wall graphics, printed as panels, needed to be seamed. We are pleased with the low visibility of seams where the panels overlap. We have heard many positive comments from Cartoon Network and Dutch Wonderland regarding the high-quality presentation and feel of the ReTac graphics.”

The Cartoon Network Hotel recently opened early January 2020 with attractions including the Bearista Café hosted by Ice Bear from We Bare Bears, a Ben 10 Omnicade and an outdoor movie screen on the face of Finn from Adventure Time.


For further information on Digital Color Ink, the supplier of the Drytac media for this project,

please visit


For further information on Graphik Masters, the local signage/print company,

please visit


For further information on Cassel, the installation company of the wall graphics,

please visit


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Globe Park Print Store has a Perfect Moment with Drytac – for one night only

Globe Park Print Store completed a multi-application project for skiwear brand Perfect Moment using Drytac media, in place for just one day.

Perfect Moment contacted United Kingdom-based print business Globe Park Print Store to print and install the hundreds of graphics required for a festive pop-up shop showcasing its winter sportswear ahead of Christmas. The turnaround was short but the list of applications was long, as Globe Park Print Store explained.

Globe Park Print Store said: “For one night only! When a client asks you to do a print and install project, for one night and you need to install and place 475 printed graphics, in 3 hours, what do you say? We like a challenge, yes!

“This was such a great (if brief!) project to work on. We used Drytac media to print the graphics on for Perfect Moment. We think this is pretty special – especially for getting into the festive spirit!”

Globe Park Print Store used a number of products from Drytac – a leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large format print and signage markets – supplied by CSL Digital.

In total, the project comprised of sixty star-shaped wall graphics on Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 Gloss, sixty star-shaped graphicson ReTac Textures Sand, sixty table stickers on ReTac Smooth 150 Matte, a 12m panoramic wall graphic printed on ReTac Smooth 150 Gloss, ten 4m rink graphics and four 2m wall graphics printed on ReTac Smooth 150 Gloss, seven backlit displays on Revel Backlit, several large hanging signs printed on Polar Grip Matte and several window graphics printed on ViziPrint Impress Clear.

All of the above solutions are designed with Drytac’s innovative adhesive technology. The Drytac ReTac range has been developed specifically for easy application, removal and repositioning, making it the perfect choice for very short-term projects like exhibitions, retail campaigns and the Perfect Moment pop-up.

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