Premier Graphics serves up a treat at The Very Good Food Company with Drytac SpotOn

Drytac SpotOn used by Premier Graphics for The Very Good Butcher
Premier Graphics used Drytac SpotOn White Matte to complete a window graphics job for plant-based vegan food business The Very Good Food Company.

Vancouver-based Premier Graphics opted for Drytac SpotOn White Matte to carry out an impactful window graphics project for vegan food business The Very Good Food Company.

Premier Graphics was approached by The Very Good Food Company and construction firm Pacific Solutions Contracting in late 2020 to produce window graphics to cover up building work taking place at a retail location in Mount Pleasant, a neighborhood in Vancouver BC.

The project challenged Premier Graphics to create graphics that offered a high impact and high contrast design, but also allowed adequate ambient light to pass into the building to assist with ongoing construction work inside. The graphics also needed to cover window panels measuring 21ft tall.

Premier Graphics selected Drytac SpotOn White Matte monomeric PVC film, a solution that is specifically designed for short-term applications such as point-of-purchase retail signage. The film features a ‘dot pattern’ adhesive that enables easy bubble-free application on a wide variety of smooth interior surfaces, windows, glass and more.

“As our vertical panels of material were so tall, having a material with minimal stretch and good adhesion during cold temperatures on our December install day was crucial for a great final product with minimal seams,” Premier Graphics’ General Manager Taylor Sellinger says.

“The film met all the challenges we needed it to, and our panel registration was completely accurate, even while working with such long individual panels.”

The graphics – which were printed using an HP Latex 365 device – will only remain in place for six months. As such, Sellinger said it was also important that the material could be easily removed without leaving any residue on the windows.

“For the six months the graphics will be installed for, we’re confident they will look great the entire time, and remove completely trouble-free when that day comes.

“Our team of six full-time installers are ready to meet any challenge, but SpotOn makes those challenges so much easier to tackle.”

Established in 2006, Premier Graphics re-invented itself in 2020 and is now established as a full service graphics production and installation company. The business has plans to expand further in 2021, with a new HP R1000 printer due to be installed at its new production site.

“2020 taught us not to rely too heavily on how things used to be done,” adds Sellinger. “In 2021, we’ve moved into a facility more than twice our previous space and shortly we’ll be receiving our new HP R1000 printer, which will open up capabilities never previously available to our in-house production.”

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Globe Print relies on Drytac films for support with NHS Covid-19 vaccination roll-out

No fewer than five Drytac products deployed by Buckinghamshire-based Globe Print for social distancing markers and directional graphics at new vaccination centre.

Drytac Protac AMP used for NHS vaccination centers
Image: Protac AMP antimicrobial film paired with Polar Grip

Drytac’s self-adhesive films continue to play a key role in the battle against Covid-19, with print service provider Globe Print having recently used no fewer than five Drytac products to create graphics, free-of-charge, for a new vaccination centre in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Image: SpotOn Floor 200

After plans to open the vaccination hub at one location fell through, local business Newdays Pharmacy was asked to locate an alternative site, and – following an appeal on local social media platforms – was offered some ground floor space at IT infrastructure and services provider Softcat’s HQ offices in Globe Business Park.

However, the challenges did not end there, with Newdays Pharmacy required to also source a series of printed graphics for the facility to ensure the safety of both the public and the vaccination team. These included social distancing markers, one-way system directional signage and informative posters about the vaccines and Covid-19.

Image: ReTac Smooth 150

Newdays Pharmacy contacted Globe Print, a preferred supplier to the NHS that has been working with Drytac materials on a wide range of projects throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nick Wintle, Managing Director at Globe Print, explains: “Key to the installation was the tight turnaround time. The vaccination centre was opening on January 23rd and Newdays didn’t have sign-off for the graphics until January 20th.

“We wanted to do our bit as well; as this was for a vaccination centre, we did the whole project free of charge – from design and print through to installation of the graphics.

Image: Polar Choice

“Having worked with Drytac’s films for a long time and on a number of other similar jobs, we were confident that they would perform well.”

Globe Print used Drytac Polar Choice Matte, a printable monomeric PVC film, to produce a range of wall graphics and internal signage and the vaccination centre, while internal floor graphics were printed on Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 monomeric PVC non-slip film.

For outdoor floor graphics, Globe Print opted for Drytac Polar StreetFX, a PVC-free, aluminium print media that does not require lamination, while ViziPrint Impress was used for producing graphics for the clear internal wall partitions inside the centre.

Image: Polar Street FX

Finally, Globe Print used Drytac Protac AMP Film for graphics at ‘touch-points’ throughout the facility, including doors and handles. Protac AMP is a 150µ textured polyester film that incorporates Microban® Antimicrobial Protection, which provides protection against the spread of microbial contamination.

Globe Print produced all the graphics at its 10,000sq. ft. print room in Marlow, utilising its Roland VG-640, Mimaki UCJV-300 and Agfa M2000 printers.

Olivier Picard, the owner of Newdays Pharmacy, also had high praise for the graphics that were printed on Drytac materials. He said: “Everything is in place now and the printed materials look clean, professional and official.”

Globe Print has used Drytac films on a whole host of other jobs related to Covid-19. These include producing an advisory one-way pedestrian system in its home town – a project that comprised 250 temporary outdoor floor decals printed on Drytac Polar Grip graphics vinyl combined with Drytac Interlam Pro Emerytex laminate.

To find out more about Globe Print, please click here.

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SkinzWraps diversifies into profitable new markets thanks to Drytac

Dallas-based SkinzWraps has used a range of products from Drytac to expand outside of its core vehicle graphics market into a number of other sectors.

Dallas-based wrapping expert SkinzWraps has revealed how the use of Drytac films has allowed it to expand business beyond its core vehicle wrapping services into a number of other profitable markets.

Established in 1998, SkinzWraps is regarded as one of the leading vehicle wrap specialists Based in Texas, but services nationwide, marketing itself as a full-service vehicle wrapping company that works with customers across the US. Its traditional customer base spans commercial vehicles and personal car wraps, to fleet vehicles, buses and even boats, but – thanks to Drytac solutions – the company has more recently expanded into new areas.

Picture 1: ReTac Smooth 150 mural.

Since discovering Drytac products in October 2019, SkinzWraps has used the company’s solutions to fulfil a stunning array of printed graphics. The company has built on its extensive wrapping experience and used Drytac products, such as Polar Grip self-adhesive vinyl and the ReTac range of adhesive films, to complete many different projects.

CJ Reichwein, vice president of sales at SkinzWraps, explains: “Our typical work would include the wrapping of commercial and passenger vehicles for advertising or custom colour changes,” Reichwein says. “However, Drytac solutions have enabled us to channel our wrapping expertise into the creation of stunning floor and wall graphics too.”

Picture 2: Polar Grip used to wrap a store front for social media purposes.

Among some of the more recent projects, SkinzWraps printed a vintage Le Mans wall mural on Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 for a private client (see pic 1); as well as a storefront wrapping project for a social media destination in Dallas using Drytac Polar Grip (see pic 2).

Other work has included producing and installing wall graphics for seafood restaurant chain Shell Shack, which has locations across Texas and expanding. With a new venue opening in Florida, SkinzWraps printed and installed graphics on 13 walls around the interior of the building over a period of a day-and-a-half using ReTac Smooth 150 (see pic 3).

Picture 3: ReTac Smooth 150 used for Shell Shack.

In fact, SkinzWraps likes Drytac materials so much that it also used the films to renovate its own front lobby and hallways at its facility in Dallas (see pic 4).

Picture 4: ReTac Smooth 150 used for the lobby of Skinzwraps.

“Thanks to Drytac solutions, our clientele is no longer limited to vehicle owners,” continues CJ. “We now have a wide variety of clients, and we help them fulfil projects from conception to installation.

“Drytac materials are all we use for walls, floors and all speciality flat surface wraps. The Drytac team are always there for me; whenever I need samples or have any queries, I get a response in minutes.”

CJ concludes: “Most importantly, our clients love our work; whether it is promoting a business or personalising a vehicle, we are ready and eager to help!”

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University of Southern California prepares their campus with Drytac Polar Grip

Classic Litho and Design sticks with Drytac Polar Grip to complete major social distancing project for the University of Southern California.

California-based print service provider Classic Litho and Design deployed Drytac Polar Grip for a large-scale social distancing signage project which helped students safely return to learning at the University of Southern California (USC) last semester.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, USC was required to put in place a range of measures to help protect students and staff, including the installation of floor graphics across its sites to promote social distancing.

The USC contacted local printing company Classic Litho and Design to assist with the project, which – in total – required the production of approximately 11,000 floor decals for installation across the USC campus.

Initially, the company’s large-format department printed 3,000 outdoor floor graphics on Drytac Polar Grip white polymeric self-adhesive vinyl. With a high-bond adhesive, it has been specifically developed for graphic applications where flexibility and strong adhesion are required, and can be permanently applied to almost any surface, including metal, plastic, wood, glass, brick and more.

Ray Rodriguez, Large Format Manager at Classic Litho and Design, explained that the main reason for selecting Drytac Polar Grip was that the material offered the most reliability for outdoor graphics.

“I did a lot of research trying to find the longest-lasting and most durable outdoor vinyl, and it became clear that the solution was Drytac Polar Grip with Interlam Pro Emerytex overlaminating film. As well as being economically priced, it was also the only outdoor solution with a 12-month guarantee.”

The work with Drytac Polar Grip did not stop there though, as Rodriguez explained. After speaking with USC about failing indoor and outdoor floor graphics printed on another vendor’s media, Polar Grip was again deployed.

USC about failing indoor and outdoor floor graphics printed on another vendor’s media, Polar Grip was used to replace these.
The non-Drytac media that failed was not backed with Drytac’s unique adhesive science.

Floor graphics that are damaged can cause a huge health and safety risk and must be replaced immediately.

“I recommended Polar Grip for some replacement indoor carpet signage right away, so that was an easy fix. Then I heard that some of the outdoor floor graphics printed on other vendors’ materials had also failed. To compare, I went to check an outdoor graphic that was still firmly in place and – having aggressively tried and failed to remove it – noted it was printed on Polar Grip.

“On that basis, a second order of floor graphics printed on Polar Grip was almost immediately requested!”

For more information on Classic Litho and Design, please click here.

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Premier Graphics selects ‘no brainer’ Drytac ViziPrint for festive graphics project

Premier Graphics used Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear to produce festive window graphics for skincare specialist Project Skin MD.

Vancouver-based Premier Graphics has used Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear film to produce a striking festive-themed window graphic for local skincare business Project Skin MD.

Project Skin MD challenged Premier Graphics to design, print, and install the intricate window graphic for its state-of-the-art skincare facility in South Granville, Vancouver.

To achieve the clean and seamless appearance, Premier Graphics selected Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear and printed the detailed design using white ink on a Konica Minolta AcurrioWide UV Printer. Developed for application on glass and other smooth, flat surfaces, ViziPrint Impress Clear is suitable for trouble-free, bubble-free wet installation.

Jordan Sorley, operations officer at Premier Graphics, said: “This was a relatively cold weather install, only about 6 or 7 degrees Celsius, but the ViziPrint Impress worked very well. It is a strong and stiff PET material that doesn’t stretch which was a huge benefit when aligning panels with a detailed design.

“The printed graphics delivered the exact look Project Skin MD wanted, and – as ViziPrint Impress Clear is easily removable – it will save the client time and money on removal day. Plus, the fact that this film is PVC-free makes it an environmentally-friendly choice.”

Established in 2006, Premier Graphics re-invented itself in 2020. It is now serving as a full-service graphics production and installation company with the largest team of in-house certified installers in Western Canada.

“We pride ourselves in ongoing training for our installation staff and investing in great products and equipment to improve our offerings to our clients,” Sorley said.

“With 2020 being a challenging year, our experience hasn’t been any different. We’ve had our fair share of struggles, but despite this we’ve managed to maintain a healthy business and take good care of our people.

“Now, we are back to re-investing in ourselves and have added two new staff and new printing and production equipment, so we will be starting off 2021 right!”

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Still Creek Press hits the high notes at the opera with Drytac SpotOn Floor 200

Still Creek Press opts for ‘forgiving’ SpotOn Floor 200 for University of British Colombia’s opera stage.

Vancouver-based full-service commercial printer Still Creek Press selected Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 to help students from the University of British Colombia (UBC) in Canada to stage and perform an opera virtually for audiences at home.

The UBC Opera programme puts on shows for the local community each year, but these had to be put on hold in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with indoor entertainment venues in Vancouver forced to temporarily close.

However, not to be deterred by the restrictions on audience attendance, UBC Opera decided to stage a number of virtual events on Nov 30th, whereby students performed opera at the University’s venue and the show was streamed live to audiences watching at home.

Still Creek Press’s role in the project was to produce floor graphics resembling a dirt road for the stage, to help deliver the full opera experience. The production was filmed from several levels and views, meaning the graphics had to be visible and look realistic from all angles.

Still Creek Press’ wide-format manager Bruce Lee explains: “Essentially, we started with an empty stage. We were tasked with installing floor graphics that looked stunning and could be easily removed at the end of the performance. As stages are brightly lit, we also needed a material with a matte finish.

Still Creek Press opted for Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 vinyl film for the project, with the company tasked with producing graphics covering an area of 70ft x 90ft (approx. 21m x 27m). Nine rolls of the Drytac film were supplied by ND Graphics to complete the project and the graphics were printed in 4 days/nights on a Roland SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 large-format device. 

“We chose Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 for a number of reasons,” explains Bruce Lee. “It is super easy to apply and it can be easily removed by anyone. It also looked great under the lighting.”

Known for its simplicity and versatility, making it suitable for short-term indoor graphic applications such as retail signage, trade show and exhibition graphics as well as office interiors, Drytac’s SpotOn range of products are printable by solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV inkjet printers.

“One of the major reasons we used SpotOn Floor 200 over other conventional removable floor vinyl is how forgiving it is when applied. Another great feature is that there was no need for an overlaminate as it has a built-in anti-slip surface,” continues Lee.

Lee also spoke about the ease of use when working with SpotOn Floor 200, saying this allowed Still Creek Press to complete its part of the project in good time, meaning work was completed without any delays.

“We weren’t the only crew there working on the stage and this meant keeping our distance from other crews and equipment. Once a section was completed, we had to switch sides with the other crew or wait until they were done their part.

“What would usually have taken a team of installers two days to install, only took us five hours using SpotOn Floor 200. We were able to get our part of the production done well before time, which meant those working around us had more time to finish their projects.

“It worked out great!”

Located on Vancouver, British Columbia, Still Creek Press is a full-service commercial print company that provides digital, wide-format and ticket printing. It currently employs over 50 people in a 36,00sq ft, fully integrated secure printing plant.

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Minuteman Press lights up new Covid-19 testing clinics with Drytac ViziPrint Illuminate

Drytac ViziPrint Illuminate on COVID testing window

Informative new graphics printed on Viziprint Illuminate installed at two locations for leading CBD supplier Goodbody Botanicals

Minuteman Press Bath has just completed a multi-site graphics project, using Drytac’s ViziPrint Illuminate product to install Covid-19 tests signage at two retail locations.

The client, leading CBD supplier Goodbody Botanicals, required Minuteman Press Bath to print and install a range of graphics at its stores to promote its new, private Covid-19 testing service, which it is now offering at its locations in Bristol and Bath.

Drytac ViziPrint Illuminate on COVID testing window

As well as providing information about the tests Goodbody Botanicals can offer, the signage also promotes the key steps customers can take to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, including wearing a face mask, sanitising their hands, keeping a safe distance from other people and using the government’s track and trace app. In addition, smaller graphics remind people of the three main symptoms of Covid-19 and encourages them to take a test to give them ‘total peace of mind’.

Kieran Blacknall, large-format manager at Minuteman Press Bath, said Drytac’s ViziPrint Illuminate product was perfect for the project as it was ‘really easy to work with and install’.

The 100µ (4mil) translucent matte PET film has been developed for brilliant backlit window graphics and vibrant backlit display applications. It has a bright white base colour and is able to diffuse light, creating vivid window graphics, displays, decals, stickers – and more – with a wider colour gamut. It is reverse printable, allowing window advertisements to be viewed during the day in direct sunlight and at night when illuminated by store lighting.

“The client was looking for a solution to convey the new testing service at their clinics. We looked at various options, including lightboxes, but all proved to be very costly in comparison to the ViziPrint Illuminate media by Drytac,” says Blacknall.

He continues: “Goodbody Botanicals have spotlights positioned behind every window, so we decided a media with backlit properties would perform best and have the biggest impact, particularly during the winter months.

ViziPrint Illuminate is great; really easy to work with and install. We’re always impressed with Drytac products and the advice and service we receive from the company.”

Minuteman Press Bath provide a range of digital print, large format, and design products and services to customers around the country. The wider Minuteman Press network has locations across the UK providing similar products and services.

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Warwick Printing chooses ‘go-to’ product Drytac ReTac for tricky mural

Warwick Printing uses Drytac ReTac for liquor store graphics

Warwick Printing installed a liquor store wall mural in a single day using Drytac ReTac wall media, despite having to work around shelves full of fragile stock.

Warwick Printing has completed a challenging wall mural project, relying on Drytac ReTac to get the job done in a single day.

The client, South Country Co-op Liquor in Redcliff, Alberta, Canada, required Warwick Printing to design, print and install 48 individual wall panels making up a mural spanning the store. As well as promoting the spirits, beer and wine on sale, the mural had a personal touch with a ‘Cheers Redcliff’ message. The installation took around eleven hours, including the set-up and tear-down of scaffolding, and having to negotiate some fragile obstacles – the bottles themselves.

Warwick Printing uses Drytac ReTac for liquor store graphics

Lee Weighill, Owner of Warwick Printing, explains: “The main challenge was figuring out how to reach the 17′ (5.2m) install height with racks up against every wall without having to empty the whole store out.

“There was not enough space for even the smallest scissor lift or boom lift and regular A-frame ladders would not get us close enough to the walls in the right position. We ended up using painters’ scaffolding and had to stack two units to get high enough, but it was still a 26″ (66cm) reach to the wall which made it a little more difficult.”

However, the team overcame these problems. “It was a good day’s work and not one bottle was knocked to the floor!” says Lee.

The choice of vinyl was key to completing the job on time and in total Warwick Printing ran over 260′ (80m) of Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 through its HP Latex 360 printer. This 150μ (6 mil) white polymeric printable PVC film is coated with ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology on one side, making it simple to install, reposition and remove printed graphics from surfaces such as walls.

Lee says ReTac is his ‘favourite go-to’ wall mural vinyl. “We’ve worked with Drytac ReTac many times previously and are very familiar with it,” he says.

Based in Lethbridge, AB, Warwick Printing has evolved from mainly offset press commercial printing to more digital wide format work in the last two years. Diversifying has helped the business reach new customers and survive the difficult trading conditions of this year’s pandemic.

“We have fared pretty well so far during COVID-19,” says Lee. “Overall business was down significantly, as much as 65% in the beginning, but we have seen some major gains in our wide format and signage division during the same period. I estimate we have done more volume during the pandemic than we did in the previous year and a half.

“We saw an opportunity very early in the pandemic for signage and floor graphics and quickly created marketing materials so we were ready when business started opening up again. We’ve used dozens of rolls of Drytac FloorTac in the last six months, at one point running our HP Latex printer day and night to print COVID-related floor graphics.

“Because of this we also picked up a lot of other vinyl business unrelated to COVID. This has for sure helped fill the void left in our other areas of our commercial printing.”

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High Stakes Creative’s Drytac graphics make Korean restaurant pop

A branch of KPOP, a Korean barbecue restaurant, has a stylish new look thanks to over 6,200sq ft of wall graphics printed on Drytac ReTac by High Stakes Creative.

High Stakes Creative has completed what it called a ‘monster job’ for the KPOP Korean restaurant in Georgia, USA using Drytac ReTac wall graphics media.

Matt Matthews has been in the sign industry for 24 years and started High Stakes Creative in 2007, specialising in the design, production and installation of branding, signage and graphics for commercial and architectural applications. This includes everything from large-format printing and fleet graphics to complex wayfinding and corporate identity systems.

This summer High Stakes Creative took on a major project for KPOP’s new Korean barbecue restaurant location: a stylish monochrome design influenced by K-pop music that involved channel letter signs and 6,200sq ft (576 sq m) of wall graphics, printed on Drytac’s ReTac.

“This project was the second time we worked with this client – they had us print and install a similar graphic package in another location last year,” says Matt. “They loved it so much, they more than quadrupled their request on this location. The installation took place over the course of several trips with four other installers. I personally installed 3,500 sq ft myself.”

Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 is a 150μ (6 mil) white polymeric printable PVC film coated with ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology, allowing graphics to be installed, removed and repositioned easily. Available in Gloss and Matte finishes and certified with several fire ratings, ReTac Smooth 150 is ideal for wall graphics in spaces such as restaurants.

“We chose ReTac because it is a thicker film with repositionability that allowed for an easier install,” says Matt Matthews. “Most of the panels were 14′ (4.3m) tall so having that repositionability was key. Also, having a 6 mil material allowed for us to avoid lamination in areas that wouldn’t get frequent abrasion.”

He adds: “I love ReTac – I’ve continued to use it as my go-to for a majority of my wall graphic applications. Each time I’ve made a request to Drytac, I’ve been met with thorough answers and professionalism that helps me get my clients what they need in a timely manner.”

Matt adds that he’s keen to use other Drytac products: “I just haven’t made my way through the long list of what’s available!” he says.

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Ollywood transforms busy Birmingham meeting place with Drytac Polar Street FX

Ollywood used Drytac Polar Street FX to create a new floor graphic in Birmingham’s busy Brindleyplace, a project that required durability and safety on wet surfaces.

Brindleyplace, a busy area in central Birmingham, has been transformed with a giant floor graphic created by Ollywood using Drytac’s durable outdoor floor media Polar Street FX.

A popular meeting point in an area of the city packed with offices and corporate spaces, Brindleyplace is undergoing a campaign to encourage people to ‘#RediscoverBrindley’ following COVID-19 restrictions. Newport-based Ollywood was commissioned to print and install the floor display. As well as grabbing attention, the 35m-long floor graphic serves to direct pedestrians to nearby restaurants and attractions including the Ikon Gallery and SEA LIFE aquarium.

In addition to requiring the durability to withstand heavy foot traffic including high heels, the floor graphic had to be securely installed between two water features. Ollywood sought advice from its media supplier Soyang to find a material that could do the job.

Soyang recommended Drytac Polar Street FX for its slip rating and for its durability on surfaces that get wet,” comments Oliver Williams, Managing Director, Ollywood. “Floor graphics are quite common at the moment to promote social distancing but I’ve noticed many that are peeling, they’re not made for long-term outdoor use.

Polar Street FX is priced slightly higher than other floor media but it is better – it does the job it’s meant to. Because it’s aluminium-based it’s more durable than vinyl and Drytac is stricter than other brands about slip ratings. I’d rather use a slightly more expensive product than end up with a bad result.”

Drytac Polar Street FX is a 250µ (10 mil) textured printable white matte aluminium film, coated on one side with a high-tack adhesive for safety and security in public environments. It has been designed to be non-slip and scuff-resistant without the need for lamination, making it perfect for fast-turnaround outdoor floor graphics jobs.

The installation in Birmingham took place on an autumn day in October – just eight weeks after the initial site visit and concept discussions – but the Ollywood team overcame the difficult conditions.

“The application of floor graphics is always tricky on cold, wet days,” says Oliver, “but the Polar Street FX went down perfectly, even alongside the water features. We take care over our preparation but it’s worth taking the time.”

Oliver’s management skills and attention to detail stems from a previous role as a chef in the RAF. After leaving the military he worked with Waitrose on a festival food truck project, where he became interested in the design and build side of event production. Finding that few businesses bring together all of these services under one roof, he established Ollywood to meet this market demand 18 months ago.

“We’re looking forward to more projects like the Brindleyplace floor graphic,” says Oliver. “Polar Street FX is a great product we can use for jobs like this as it really showcases what’s possible. We’re also keen to try different Drytac products as new projects come up.”

Drytac is here to help.

We offer the correct ratings and insurance backed warranties to make your life easier. With hundreds of certifications on our print media and laminates we’d be happy to help you plan your next project.

Download the Drytac Floor Graphic Guides to help you select the proper floor material and navigate various environments.

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