Plant Capabilities

Aqueous, Solvent and Hot Melt Adhesives and Coatings

  • 55” (1410mm) Coating Line with Forward and Reverse Gravure
  • 63” (1600mm) Hot Melt Coater
  • 57” (1448mm) and 63” (1600mm) Coating Lines with Mayer Rod
  • Corona Treatment
  • Coat Weight Range: Liquid Adhesives = 1gsm to 45gsm Hot Melt Adhesives = 20gsm to 700gsm
  • Roll Handling: Up to 1000mm outer diameter and 1000kg in weight

Pattern Coating

  • Dot Pattern Coating – size, frequency, spacings and coat weight tailored to your application
  • Stripes and Bands
  • Customized patterns to your own design

Quality Assurance & Testing

Drytac operates a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001. The company’s dedication to quality ensures our customers receive consistent and reliable products that perform every time. Our production sites have fully equipped laboratories with facilities to conduct most testing associated with adhesive coated materials.

  • Adhesive Analysis
  • Adhesive Coat Weight
  • Age Testing
  • Release Value Testing
  • 90 and 180 Degree Peel Strength Testing
  • Shear Testing
  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation
  • Customized Adhesive Coatings and Sample Preparation

Product Development Service

Developing a customized product isn’t as expensive as you might think. Drytac can guide you through the development process from the initial choice of raw materials, selecting the appropriate adhesive technology, providing sample prototypes and scaling up to production trials. Robust testing is conducted throughout the process to ensure the product performs for the intended application and meets the expectations of the customer.

Drytac can manufacture your customized product in runs from as little as 5000 linear meters to over 1 million. Why not challenge Drytac to develop your self-adhesive product today?

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