Interlam Pro Anti-Graffiti Pressure Sensitive Overlaminating Films

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Interlam Pro Anti-Graffiti is a 0.8 mil (20μ) high performance PCTFE film with strong anti-graffiti characteristics and a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is protected by a siliconized PE coated paper release liner. The film is flame resistant and provides a high degree of resistance to ultraviolet light, dirt and pollutants, and the gloss finish offers superb clarity, detail and color contrast. It wipes clean of virtually any spray paint and can be cleaned with most solvents and detergents without adverse effect. The premium adhesive creates a strong bond to UV inks as well as latex and other ink technologies.

About the Interlam Pro pressure sensitive overlaminating range

This range of laminates have an acrylic adhesive coated on PVC base films with UV stabilisers and absorbers. They add depth and detail to a variety of flexible media substrates while simultaneously preventing the occurrence of silvering during lamination. Interlam Pro overlaminate films have excellent resistance to UV light, weather and temperature changes. This product is formulated to be phthalate-free.

*Interlam Pro Ant-Graffiti is only available in North America.

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  • Interlam Pro Anti-Graffiti
  • IAG25015 – 25.5” x 15’ (648mm x 4.5m)
  • IAG54150 – 54” x 150’ (1372mm x 46m)


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