Polar Street FX outdoor aluminium floor and wall material

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PVC-Free aluminium floor and wall graphics

Polar Street FX is a PVC-free, aluminium print media for outdoor floor and wall graphics without the need for lamination. It boasts several slip-ratings allowing for slip-resistant floor graphics that can be applied with confidence. Polar Street FX has been specifically developed for rough ground or wall surfaces such as brick, concrete, asphalt or any other low energy surfaces. Thanks to its uniquely developed adhesive, Polar Street FX is easy to apply, dimensionally stable and can be applied without heat.

High quality graphics for high traffic areas

Polar Street FX is a 250µ (10 mil) textured printable white matte aluminium film, coated on one side with a clear, high tack adhesive. The textured ink receptive film will produce high quality graphics resistant to scuffing and high traffic. Polar Street FX has achieved several slip ratings and certifications, making it ideal for public environments.

PVC-Free aluminium wall graphics

Polar Street FX can also be used for exterior and interior wall wraps and graphics. Polar Street FX can conform with ease to rough surfaces such as brick or cinder block walls. Simply use a roller to install – no need for heat guns!

No need to laminate

Polar Street FX from Drytac has been designed to be non-slip and scuff-resistant without the need for lamination so users can apply them straightaway, speeding up the process for fast-moving projects.

Ratings + Certifications

Slip Ratings
Polar Street FX – Slip Rating – ASTM E303
Polar Street FX – Slip Rating – DIN 51130-2014-02
Polar Street FX – Slip Rating – ANSI A137.1 A326.3
Polar Street FX – Slip Rating – EN 13036-4
Fire Ratings
Polar Street FX – Fire – ASTM E-84
Polar Street FX – Fire – EN 13501-1-2018
Polar Street FX – Fire – BS 6853- Annex D.8.6
Polar Street FX – Fire – BS 6853- Annex B.2

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  • ALU48098– 48” x 98′
  • ALU48098– 1220mm x 30m



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