Global Printing Enterprises and Drytac serve up a sweet treat with Wonka display

Ontario-based Global Printing Enterprises used several products from Drytac to create an eye-catching display themed on the new ‘Wonka’ film.

Ontario, Canada-based print business Global Printing Enterprises (GPE) recently used several products from Drytac to produce an immersive display to help promote the new Hollywood film, ‘Wonka’.

Starring Timothée Chalamet as the famous Willy Wonka, the new movie was released in cinemas in December as a prequel to the classic book and film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, offering audiences an insight into the early life of the fictional chocolate factory owner.

Activities took place in countries around the world to promote the new film to audiences, including Canada, where Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto launched a special experience for fans to enjoy. ‘Wonka’s Sweet Escape’ offered visitors the chance to walk around inside Wonka’s candy shop and enjoy a series of photo opportunities.

Gene Tegola, President of Reignite Marketing, worked on the initiative with Warner Bros Canada and Oxford Properties’ Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Long-term partner GPE supported the printing and installation of the project, which included wall murals, displays, backdrops and floor graphics.

As well as ensuring that these printed materials stood out and captured both the attention and imagination of visitors, GPE had several other major challenges to deal with during the project. These included strict requirements for materials such as indoor-air quality standards, anti-slip certification and fire compliance.

GPE spoke with Dennis LeBlanc, Senior Business Development Manager for North America at Drytac, to identify the solutions that would meet these criteria and ensure a high-quality finish.

Dennis and the Drytac team recommended Polar Grip Air, a white polymeric self-adhesive vinyl with air release technology, and Polar Premium Air, a self-adhesive vinyl also with air egress technology. Additionally, GPE was recommended ReTac Smooth 150 polymeric PVC film and FloorTac, a matte white polymeric PVC film, which was paired with Interlam Pro Emerytex.

GPE’s utilization of Drytac materials resulted in an impressive collection of printed pieces, showcasing the undeniable success of the project. The range of prints created for this experience was truly remarkable, including a vibrant carpet floor graphic measuring 32ft x 70ft, plus a cobblestone path adorned with a 35ft tall cherry blossom tree. The tree, oversized mushrooms, flowers, and lollipop displays were all courtesy of fabricator Additionally, Drawbox Design & Fabrication contributed a colossal Wonka chocolate bar, while large-scale graphics featuring beloved characters from the film completed the captivating scene.

“Reignite Marketing achieved remarkable success by teaming up with GPE to execute an experiential marketing campaign that surpassed all expectations,” says Dennis Leblanc, Senior Business Development Manager at Drytac for North America. “The captivating displays they created provided an immersive brand experience, generating a tremendous amount of excitement and significantly increasing brand recognition. As a result, foot traffic to Yorkdale Mall skyrocketed, leading to a substantial surge in movie ticket sales.

“The benefits of utilising GPE for experiential marketing are crystal clear, as they allow for personalised and eye-catching displays, flawless execution, scalability, and adaptability.”

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