MHA Multi-Heat Adhesive

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Heat-Activated Mounting Adhesive

MHA is a self-wound, heat-activated solvent acrylic adhesive designed for use on roller laminators with a heated roller. The adhesive can be first applied to a substrate (e.g., MDF, Masonite, GatorFoam, PVC, Sintra, or canvas) or to the back of an image such as a poster, drawing or newspaper. After the first pass, the moisture stable release liner should be removed to expose a low-tack re-positionable adhesive. The exposed adhesive becomes permanent only after it passes through the laminator a second time. This allows for corrections and makes it very user friendly. Other benefits include a self-trimming feature for irregular shapes and because it has no carrier, excellent bonding to flexible boards and fabrics.

Carrier-free permanent solvent acrylic adhesive for use with roller laminators or vacuum press.

This adhesive has excellent long-term stability and will not negatively impact any compatible substrate or media in long-term applications under normal storage conditions.

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  • MHA25328 – 25.5” x 328’ (648mm x 100m)
  • MHA38328 – 38” x 328’ (965mm x 100m)
  • MHA41328 – 41” x 328’ (1041mm x 100m)
  • MHA51328 – 51” x 328’ (1295mm x 100m)
  • MHA41328 – 1040mm x 100m
  • MHA51328 – 1300mm x 100m


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