WindowTac clear mounting adhesive



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Easy to apply window graphics

WindowTac is a clear, double-sided mounting adhesive that has a unique embossed release liner that allows the adhesive to be easily installed with minimal effort. This makes WindowTac ideal for face mounting of temporary graphics to glass, acrylic and other non-porous surfaces.

Simply adhere printed images to the side with the permanent acrylic adhesive and apply the removable textured acrylic adhesive side to a clean mounting surface. With WindowTac, there is never any need for wet application. Graphics can be dry installed, cleanly removed and easily re-positioned during installation thanks to micro grooves in the removable adhesive that allow for easy air evacuation with a squeegee.

Simple to install for backlit display

WindowTac achieves great window graphics with excellent clarity and no bubbles or wrinkles. The product works well for short-term promotional window advertising and POP displays, backlit display cabinets, glass cooler doors, and light boxes. The film contains UV stabilisers, which protect against UV degradation and it can be used on any materials including wide format digital technology print media.

WindowTac is a 0.9 mil (23μ) visually clear PET film, coated on one side with a pressure sensitive, removable adhesive that is protected by a micro-grooved PE release liner that imparts an embossed pattern onto the adhesive coating. The other side is coated with a pressure sensitive, aggressive permanent adhesive that is protected by a bleached Kraft release paper coated on both sides with PE and siliconised on the release side. The film contains UV stabilisers, which protect against UV degradation, and the micro-grooves in its adhesive allow for easy air evacuation.

Product specialist quote

“WindowTac is highly recommended for face mounting of window graphics onto glass, acrylic and other non-porous surfaces. It is particularly good for backlit displays and can be repositioned up to 10 times in the first 12 hours and cleanly removed with no residue after 12 months.”


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PWD25015 - 25.5” x 15’ (648mm x 4.5m)
PWD25164 - 25.5” x 164’ (648mm x 50m)
PWD41164 - 41” x 164’ (1041mm x 50m)
PWD51164 - 51” x 164’ (1295mm x 50m)
PWD54164 - 54” x 164’ (1372mm x 50m)
PWD41164 - 1040mm x 50m
PWD51082 - 1300mm x 25m
PWD51164 - 1300mm x 50m
PWD54164 - 1370mm x 50m (non-grid release paper)