WipeErase Clear PET dry erase laminate film

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A dry erase board in a roll

WipeErase Clear is an overlaminate film that turns graphic prints into a dry erase surface. WipeErase Clear has a chemical and scratch-resistant UV hard coat and a clear gloss surface that safeguards against ghosting or staining from ink. Its anti-graffiti properties also allows for easy removal of permanent marker, such as Sharpies.

Typical applications include indoor dry erase or planning boards, menu boards, conference room walls, courtroom graphic displays, maps, calendars, sports coaching, hospital message boards and many other applications where different information needs to be communicated.

Great alternative to replacing a whiteboard

When compared to other high quality dry erase boards, WipeErase Clear is remarkably easy to erase. Its anti-graffiti properties also allow for easy removal of permanent marker with rubbing alcohol. WipeErase Clear comes with a 10-year warranty guaranteeing its erasability properties, which means no ghosting or scratching. The product can be combined with ReTac Smooth print media to create high quality custom-printed, removable dry erase graphics that can stick to virtually any smooth surface.

WipeErase Clear is a 50μ (2 mil) durable clear PET overlaminate film with a gloss, hard coat finish and pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive protected by a PE coated Kraft release paper siliconised on the release side. Possessing anti-graffiti qualities, it offers a truly superior combination of resistance against scratches, abrasion, water, solvents, stains, and chemicals.

Product specialist quotes

“Whiteboards often suffer from ‘ghosting’, making them look grey and shaded. In time, the pens used on these boards scratch the surface and when rubbed off leave a very faint impression of previous writing. Once this has happened, there is no way of repairing the whiteboard itself and so the ghosting needs to be put up with, or the board replaced. A sheet of one of our WipeErase products applied to a dry erase board essentially makes it as good as new and is considerably cheaper than replacing a whiteboard. Do this across a whole organisation and the savings could be huge.”

“WipeErase films and overlaminates are resistant to scratches, water, solvents, stains and chemicals and are very easy to handle, apply and remove. They are a flexible and great value solution to a broad range of indoor presentation requirements.”

Ratings + Certifications

Fire Rating
WipeErase Clear – Fire Rating – ASTM E-84

Data Sheets


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  • WEC25015 – 25.5” x 15’ (648mm x 4.5m)
  • WEC51050 – 51” x 50’ (1295mm x 15m)
  • WEC51150 – 51” x 150’ (1295mm x 46m)
  • WEC61150 – 61” x 150’ (1549mm x 46m)
  • WEC41164 – 1040mm x 50m
  • WEC51164 – 1300mm x 50m
  • WEC54164 – 1370mm x 50m
  • WEC61164 – 1550mm x 50m


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