Carbon Graphics Group uses Drytac ViziPrint Deco + for striking window graphics project

Alberta-based print service provider Carbon Graphics Group used ViziPrint Deco + to create a series of eye-catching window graphics for nearby Norquest College.

Alberta-based print service provider Carbon Graphics Group recently used Drytac ViziPrint Deco + to produce a striking set of window graphics as part of a major project for Norquest College.

Operating out of locations in both Edmonton and Calgary, Carbon Graphics Group – which has been in business since 1979 – offers everything from small-format digital printing to full-service large format digital printing services. The company produces a range of applications but specialises in custom printed window and wall graphics.

This focus led to Carbon Graphics Group being contacted by Hi Signs Edmonton for support on a large-scale, urban wayfinding project for Norquest College, a community college located in Edmonton. The job called for the production of window graphics that were to be installed across the college’s buildings.

Since a large component of the project was the printing and installation of window graphics, Hi Signs felt Carbon Graphics Group and its expertise in this area made the print service provider the ideal partner for the job.

Carbon Graphics Group was tasked with both printing and installing 38 panels, each measuring 58” x 130”. Having worked with Drytac products on similar projects and applications for more than eight years, Carbon Graphics Group had little hesitation in again turning to the self-adhesive product specialist for a solution.

For this project, Carbon Graphics Group settled on Drytac ViziPrint Deco +, a film designed to adhere permanently to virtually any smooth surface including glass, plastic and metal, which they purchased through approved Drytac distributor ND Graphics. As the assignment was based on window graphics that needed to allow natural light to pass through into the building, the clear nature of ViziPrint Deco + made it the ideal solution.

“We chose this product based on our history of using ViziPrint on past projects,” Carbon Graphics Group General Manager Gord Olsen said. “We find that the material performs exceptionally well from a print perspective and our installers find that the material is easy to work with on site.”

Carbon Graphics Group used its Canon Arizona 460 to print the graphics in a three-layer process: CMYK + White + CMYK. Olsen said this allowed the company to meet the required colour standards and ensure consistency with the other elements of the wayfinding package.

“The installation was completed over three days and the customer was extremely pleased with the final outcome,” Olsen added.

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