Hints for tints: ensuring accuracy and quality with coloured adhesives

Authored by Glen Fitzgerald, Director of Sales for the Americas, at Drytac.

There are many reasons why a customer may seek out coloured adhesive when creating an application. Whether this is to ensure brand recognition for their own client or keeping in line with product identification requirements, coloured adhesive tapes are an incredibly useful tool to have in your arsenal.

The most common way to go about getting your hands on custom coloured tape is by sourcing a coloured face material and then coating the adhesive on the carrier to create a coloured double-sided or single-sided tape product.

While this certainly can achieve the desired colour and effect, this method can cause a few issues along the way. These may include the colour for the face material not being available, while users may also encounter a stumbling block when it comes to the high minimum order quantities that are required to produce tapes this way.

However, thanks to Drytac and its unique adhesive science, there is another way that is much easier and more efficient. Drytac takes a clear carrier film such as PET, PVC or LDPE and tints the adhesive to the desired colour or shade.

The result of this is a coloured tape that can be created to virtually any colour. To make life even easier for the customer, the minimum order quantity of just one master roll for these custom adhesives is much more manageable than the alternative method.

The flexibility of Drytac’s production means customers can approach the company with an existing coloured tape and Drytac will be able to match the colour for the client. Alternatively, customers can view Drytac’s extensive range of colour swatches and select a colour that best matches their application.

To put it simply, there is no end to how creative and colourful you can be with adhesives from Drytac.

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