Making an impact: How to create double-sided window graphics

How to create double-sided window graphics Drytac

Authored by Gareth Newman, Academy Manager, Drytac

Window graphics are now regarded by many brands as a key part of the marketing mix. These graphics are an inexpensive form of advertising that retailers can easily apply – themselves – to windows in order to capture the attention of passers-by.

But why not take this a step further and maximise window space to capitalise on more marketing opportunities inside the building too? Double-sided window graphics allow marketers and brands to do just this, with such applications reaching consumers both inside and outside stores.

This double-impact marketing can also be achieved without affecting the amount of natural light that would otherwise be blocked when using other forms of large-format print marketing materials such as posters or signage. Specialist films allow light to pass through and continue to brighten up the store.

In addition, installation time is drastically cut when using double-sided window graphics over other forms of applications. As the film vinyl is printed on both sides – either with the same or a different design – it would only need to be applied once rather than having two separate pieces of print.

In terms of the type of material you can use for these applications, there are a number of options available. You could opt for a clear media such as Drytac ViziPrint Deco with five layers of print: mirrored CMYK, white, black, white and forward-facing CMYK.

Another option would be a white block-out material that can be paired with a clear print media. Here, you can pair the adhesive white blockout film, printed with a forward-facing graphic, with a reverse-printed graphic on a clear film – all without the need for white ink.

For this secondary method, one product that would fit the bill is Drytac Polar Blockout, which can be paired with Drytac SpotOn Clear Gloss or Polar Premium Clear Gloss to achieve this effect.

When it comes to mounting the graphics, a clear double-sided mounting adhesive can be applied to one side of a double-sided print on synthetic paper or other cardstock. This can be done using any printer that can print double-sided pieces, including standard, residential printers. Options for this method include WindowTac and ReTac Duo, both of which are available from Drytac.

We are yet again approaching the busiest time of the year for retailers and with shoppers back on the high street this year, shops look set to be busier than ever in the lead up to the festive season. Capturing the attention of consumers will be vital and double-sided window graphics offer shops a clear advantage in the battle for customers.

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