Facemount high quality optically clear mounting adhesive

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High Quality Optically Clear Mounting Adhesive

Facemount has an optically clear, pressure-sensitive permanent mounting adhesive protected on each side by a clear polyester release liner.

Simply adhere printed images to one of the sides with the permanent acrylic adhesive and apply the other permanent acrylic adhesive side to a clean mounting surface.  Facemount is made using the finest optical clarity components.

Adheres to a Wide Variety of Substrates

Recommended for second surface mounting (commonly referred to as face mounting) of images to clear substrates, such as PetG™, Plexiglas™, acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass.

Facemount is a 1 mil (25μ) high quality, optically clear PET film, coated on both sides with a pressure sensitive, permanent solvent acrylic adhesive, both of which are protected by a clear PET release liner. Facemount is made using the finest optical clarity components. It offers excellent UV stability to graphic prints.

Product specialist quote

“Facemount is highly recommended for face mounting of  graphics onto glass, acrylic and other clear substrates. It is particularly good for lenticular imaging applications, backlit display transparencies, touch screen displays, and high quality photographic and inkjet printed images.”

Data Sheets


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  • PSF25015 – 25.5” x 15’ (648mm x 4.5m)
  • PSF25150 – 25” x 150’ (635mm x 46m)
  • PSF38150 – 38” x 150’ (965mm x 46m)
  • PSF51150 – 51” x 150’ (1295mm x 46m)
  • PSF61150 – 60.2” x 150’ (1529mm x 46m)
  • PSF72150 – 72” x 150’ (1829mm x 46m)
  • PSF25082 – 650mm x 25m
  • PSF41164 – 1040mm x 50m
  • PSF51164 – 1300mm x 50m
  • PSF60164 – 1525mm x 50m


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