Profit from Drytac’s pattern coating science

Authored by Phil Webster, Head of Industrial Sales, EMEA at Drytac.

Adhesives are absolutely critical to the success of applications across a range of sectors. Simply put, if you get this choice wrong, then you put the entire project in jeopardy and run the risk of undoing your hard work earlier on in the process, thus costing you valuable time, money and, potentially, repeat business.

To make sure you avoid this, before commencing a project that requires an adhesive solution, no matter what industry you are working in, you should take a look at the products available to you on the market.

A great starting place would be media with pressure sensitive adhesive; this type of adhesive offers a reliable way of keeping your application in place for as long as required. Be it medical, label, filtration or even construction applications, this will give you and your client peace of mind.

There are three core pressure sensitive adhesive technologies to choose from: water-based, solvent-based and hot melt. All of these options offer properties that make them better suited to certain jobs, whether that is a BS5609 certified durable label or a double-sided technical tape.

For this reason, it is key to check all the criteria with your supplier to ensure that you are matched with the right product that will meet the relevant requirements for your application.

Taking this a step further, Drytac, which offers products across all the main adhesive technologies, has developed a pattern coating process to apply adhesive in dots, lines or various differing shapes to offer maximum performance to customers.

The core benefits of this pattern coating process include the flexibility available to users, whereby the dot size, spacing frequency, thickness and overall coat weight can be tailored to each customers’ specifications, thus delivering a solution unique to their requirements.

Low adhesive coverage also enables permeable materials to be laminated and remain breathable, improving the overall performance of the application, while high moisture vapour transmission rates are also possible using this technique.

Another advantage of pattern coating is the reduced consumption of adhesive products. Coverage can be as low as 15%, which will significantly lessen the amount of adhesive that customers need to complete a project, helping them save on material costs.

Materials with pattern coated adhesive are also incredibly easy to apply to a wide range of surfaces, without trapping air underneath. The specially developed process allows air to escape between the patterned adhesive, thus removing one of the most common issues when it comes to applying products.

Pattern coating is available across both water-based and solvent-based adhesives, meaning there are a variety of options for users, especially those that are seeking more planet-friendly materials for their work, with water-based technology achieving a more eco-conscious solution.

Drytac’s pattern coating is key to its SpotOn range of printable, self-adhesive products, which are designed for easy application to walls, floors and windows.

Upon application, the dot pattern allows air to flow through the spaces between the adhesive dots without creating bubbles. The graphics can be applied – using the dry method – and removed, without the need to get professional installers involved.

Pattern coating is one of the most unique coating options available to other manufacturers and coaters as part of Drytac’s Custom Coating service. The company provides major manufacturers with pattern coating options to utilise on their own products.

The fact is that there are many applications for pattern coating across multiple diverse markets. To find out more about Drytac and its wide range of adhesive solutions, please click here.

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