Drytac announces North American launch of Polar Smooth 150 Air P

Polar Smooth 150 Air P features bubble-free air egress adhesive technology, making installation easy and smooth across all types of application.

Drytac, the leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large-format print and signage markets, is delighted to announce the launch of Polar Smooth 150 Air P printable film for multiple applications including interior décor, wall and window graphics, decals and stickers, point of sale, and construction hoarding and barriers.

The self-adhesive matte white PVC film incorporates Drytac’s innovative bubble-free adhesive technology for ease of application. It is suitable for use on most surfaces including painted walls, melamine, glass and many other flat or simple curve surfaces.

At 6 mil (150µ) thick, Polar Smooth 150 Air P ensures an easier installation compared to thinner alternatives. This thickness provides added convenience, particularly for users looking to avoid lamination or seeking a simpler installation process.

Polar Smooth 150 Air P is coated with a clear pressure-sensitive, permanent aqueous acrylic adhesive paired with an air egress release liner which has been designed to enable effortless installation, eliminating bubbles for a smooth finish. The permanent adhesive ensures that graphics will last for longer-term campaigns and advertisements.

“Polar Smooth 150 Air P is the ultimate solution for hassle-free graphics installation,” says Dennis Leblanc, Senior Business Development Manager, North America at Drytac. “Its innovative design and superior performance make it the top choice for professionals seeking quality and efficiency in their projects.”

Polar Smooth 150 Air P is currently available within the North American region and comes in widths up to 54”.

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