ViziPrint Impress Clear optically clear PET film

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Make a great impression with ViziPrint Impress

ViziPrint Impress Clear film is an optically clear versatile solution for self-adhesive applications on glass and other smooth, flat surfaces. Add vibrant colours and stunning graphics to window advertisements, screen displays, white goods and more to create visuals that make you stand out.

ViziPrint Impress Clear is specifically designed for trouble-free, dry or wet installation of graphics on glass surfaces and other smooth surfaces. The  film is designed to eliminate bubbling and is unaffected by moisture.  Drytac’s proprietary suction technology ensures that ViziPrint Impress Clear can be removed without leaving residue behind.  The versatile film can also be reverse printed and does not stretch.

Durable and water resistant

ViziPrint Impress Clear is a clear PET film, PVC-free, 100% recyclable where facility exist, and resistant to both wear and tear and water.  The film is protected by a clear, 1 side siliconized release liner. Drytac’s Adhesive Science technology creates a strong bond in both high and low temperatures without leaving residue behind, eliminates bubbling and is unaffected by moisture. ViziPrint Impress Clear can be removed and repositioned multiple times, and will remove cleanly after up to 3 years after installation.

ViziPrint Impress Clear can be used for both indoor and short-term outdoor applications including window advertising, graphics, decals, and stickers; privacy and decorative glass applications; electronic equipment, such as TV screens, iPad/tablet displays and computer monitors; refrigerators or glass display cases; aquarium backdrops and much more.

Two versions are available – ViziPrint Impress Clear UVL: a 3 mil (75µ) UV compatible film and ViziPrint Impress Clear SEL: a 4.8 mil (120µ) (Ec0) Solvent and Latex compatible film. The film offers excellent print quality with unprinted areas remaining ‘super clear’.  It is very easy to apply and remove and can be repositioned and re-applied multiple times.

Product Specialist Quote

“ViziPrint Impress Clear enables self-adhesive applications on glass using a mechanical bond to gently adhere images. This means window graphics stay bright even when they are removed and repositioned. There is no better film for high quality decals, signage and retail window advertising.”

Data Sheets


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  • ViziPrint Impress Clear UVL
  • VPIE25010 – 25.5” x 10’ (648mm x 3m)
  • VPIE54098 – 54” x 98’ (1372mm x 30m)
  • VPIE60098 – 60” x 98’ (1524mm x 30m)
  • ViziPrint Impress Clear SEL
  • VPI25010-SEL – 25.5” x 10’ (648mm x 3m)
  • VPI54098-SEL – 54” x 98’ (1372mm x 30m)
  • VPI60098-SEL – 60” x 98’ (1524mm x 30m)
  • ViziPrint Impress Clear UV
  • VPIE50098 – 1270mm x 30m
  • VPIE54098 – 1372mm x 30m
  • VPIE54328 – 1372mm x 100m
  • VPIE60098 – 1524mm x 30m
  • ViziPrint Impress Clear SEL
  • VPI50098-SEL – 1270mm x 30m
  • VPI54098-SEL – 1372mm x 30m
  • VPI60098-SEL – 1524mm x 30m



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